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Better Together! Dalet Acquires Ooyala Flex Media Platform business.

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CNNMoney Switzerland

CNNMoney Switzerland

Launching a Premium Multimedia Brand with Dalet

CNNMoney Switzerland

Launching a Premium Multimedia Brand with Dalet

The first media dedicated to business news for and about Switzerland, CNNMoney Switzerland went on the air during the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos. The English language channel covers Swiss business news and companies, featuring original content produced from CNNMoney Switzerland’s new state-of-the-art studios and news operations.


"Today, you don’t launch traditional television channels anymore,” states Christophe Rasch, CEO CNNMoney Switzerland.

"You launch multimedia platforms that address all the different platforms at the same time to be sure that you can reach the target audience. For the launch of CNNMoney Switzerland, we required a premium technology brand that matched the CNN standards and practices around the world for production, broadcasting, and distribution. From the start, Dalet was the solution that addressed the entirety of our needs for multimedia news creation and delivery. We have a system that allows us to do everything from one position.”

CNNMoney Switzerland is powered by the Dalet Unified News Operations solution to drive end-to-end content production and multiplatform distribution. Dalet’s proven ability to bring premium channels to air within tight deadlines was a key criterion for the CNNMoney Switzerland decision. The entire content production and distribution of the new Zurich-based facility uses the full feature set of Dalet news solutions, powered by the robust Dalet Galaxy Media Asset Management (MAM) and Workflow Orchestration platform at the core.


Key Highlights of Dalet at CNNMoney Switzerland

  • Short Time to Market - Deploy a premium, multimedia channel in just a few weeks
  • Agile technology & operations - Continuously adjust operations and adapt to capture new business opportunities as they arise. Scale up or down depending on current needs and budget, while providing your organization with a solid foundation for the future
  • Empowered teams - Intuitive tools & collaborative workflows let journalists and creative teams focus on storytelling and engagement, the system handles the rest with powerful automation capabilities


Watch the video and discover the story behind the launch of CNNMoney Swizterland!

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