Dalet Flex Takes a Leap Forward in Accessibility and Production Workflows

Leading media logistics workflow solution enhances user experience with expanded language options and improved compliance with accessibility standards. New camera data wrangling makes content available from the moment it’s captured.

Dalet, a leading technology and service provider for media-rich organizations, today announced key new capabilities available in Dalet Flex that support important accessibility requirements, expanded language options and camera data management capabilities. Dalet Flex, the award-winning cloud-native media logistics solution, is used by media companies, brands and sports leagues including Arsenal, Audi, the National Rugby League, KCP, Migo and many more, to optimize OTT, archiving, multiplatform and production workflows that enhance content supply chain flow and viewer engagement. The latest Dalet Flex release adds new tools and language support that enable customers to manage, create and deliver content with even greater efficiency starting from the moment they capture content. It also adheres to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines‘ principles, making it easier for everyone, including those with disabilities, to collaborate on projects with greater ease.

“Dalet Flex continues to deliver immense value with capabilities that make our customers nimbler and more inclusive,” states Mathieu Zarouk, Director of Product Marketing, Dalet. “We are making it easier for everyone to use Dalet Flex from the moment the content is captured through the time it’s distributed, monetized and archived. The camera card management, deep integration with tools like Adobe® Premiere Pro® along with key accessibility design and language support, makes Dalet Flex the industry’s most robust, cloud-native media management, production and delivery platform on the market.”



Dalet Flex can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. It can be hosted by Dalet or the customer as a dedicated, single-tenant implementation. Dalet Flex for teams, Dalet’s multi-tenanted SaaS solution, is hosted and managed by Dalet.

New Dalet Flex capabilities which are available today include:

  • Greater Accessibility

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines were developed in cooperation with individuals and organizations from around the world, with the goal of providing a single shared standard for web content accessibility. Dalet Flex is being adapted to meet the guideline’s principles of perceivable, operable, understandable and robust. The improvements range from color adjustments for greater contrasts to aria labels identifying interactive elements of the page, to reorganizing HTML elements and styles so common items like checkboxes are easier to work with.

  • Expanded Language Support

Users can seamlessly switch the Dalet Flex interface between languages, making it easier for customers to support multilingual workforces. Customers requiring other language support should contact their Dalet representative for assistance.

  • Camera Data Wrangling

Integrated with Dalet AmberFin, Dalet Flex features advanced camera card and spanned clip management, providing a more efficient and natural management of content coming from camera cards. Users can archive or restore an entire card in a single operation. Dalet AmberFin and Dalet Flex let users browse card assets and, for spanned media, capture basic information about each underlying file. The ability to manage camera card data will enable users in the field or on-set to make content available to colleagues in a more efficient and organized manner.


See Dalet Flex in Action

Please join us on September 1, 2022 to discover what’s new in Dalet Flex. To register for the webinar visit: https://www.dalet.com/events/whats-new-in-dalet-flex-in-2022-so-far/


Beyond the Enterprise. Hello Teams!

Dalet Flex serves as the foundation for Dalet Flex for teams, a multi-tenanted, packaged SaaS offering for smaller workgroups and specific workflows. Dalet Flex for teams democratizes key media logistics use cases, such as library management and multiplatform content distribution, through affordable, pre-configured workflows fully hosted and managed by Dalet. These tried and true configurations make it easy for customers to manage rich, multimedia content libraries; automate content distribution across traditional, digital and social platforms; support a hybrid or remote workforce, and/or build a living archive. With the elasticity of the cloud at their fingertips, customers can quickly scale resources as needed with full control over budgets.

For more information about Dalet Flex for teams including subscription information, please visit: https://www.dalet.com/products/flex/plans/

For more information about Dalet Flex please visit: https://www.dalet.com/products/flex/


About Dalet

Dalet empowers media-rich organizations to transform their production and distribution workflows – accelerating media operations, maximizing collaboration and creating higher value from content. As a leading media technology and service provider with over three decades of innovation, our software solutions enable greater control, enhanced visibility and increased productivity for content professionals and storytellers around the globe. Leading organizations such as Fox Networks Group, Arsenal Football Club, MediaCorp, Audi, and the BBC trust Dalet to support their daily content operations. Our team is driven by a passion for media and committed to empowering a world where compelling stories are beautifully made, effortlessly told and thoughtfully delivered. Learn more at www.dalet.com.


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