Articles by Tee Morris

The Growing Market of Motorsports Video Engagement

It’s March. The place is Bahrain. Rising in the air is a cacophony of noise. Well, maybe noise to some, but to fans who know the sound, that noise is a choir. It is a beautiful harmony created by engineering, science, and mechanical skill. It continues to rise and fall, like waves against a beach….

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Putting More Flow Into Your Post-Production Workflow

Contents Chapter 1: Evolution of Post-Production WorkflowsChapter 2: Mandating a New Post-Production Workflow ArchitectureChapter 3: How One Post House Scaled Operations to Capture New BusinessChapter 4: What It Takes to Evolve Your Post-Production WorkflowChapter 5: Evolve or Perish: The Future of Post-Production Workflow Evolution of Post-Production Workflows The past two years have witnessed some incredible…

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How to Master Video Asset Management

Contents With the growing demand for multimedia content, changes are needed in the way video is produced, managed and distributed. Video Asset Management makes media production and distribution more efficient and more adaptable to meet the evolving demands of the global marketplace. Here’s how to get started! Chapter 1: Analyzing the IndustryChapter 2: Organizing Content…

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