Sports Content Workflows

Ingest, produce, deliver, and monetize multi-sports content anywhere

Centralize ingest

Capture SDI, SMPTE IP, live streams, files, sports feeds and more in one platform

Harness the elasticity of the cloud through Dalet InStream and Dalet AmberFin to manage the seasonal demands of sports content with maximum efficiency
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    Elastic Cloud Ingest
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    On-Prem Ingest
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    High-Quality Transcoding
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    Workflow Automation

Further enrich

Create a metadata-rich, centralized, source of truth for your media

Combine metadata from all your sources to ensure you can easily find content and do more with it
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    Advanced AI Tagging
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    Multi-Engine AI Support
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    Sports Feeds
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    Live Logging

Produce faster

Access all media, including growing files, from anywhere to create content for your fans faster

Edit with browser-based Dalet Cut while files are ingesting and pick up where you left off in your favorite craft editor with Dalet Xtend
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    Edit While
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    Remote Editing
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    NLE Integration

Reach all audiences

Deliver winning experiences to your viewers, subscribers and fans

Effortlessly deliver content to multiple platforms including OTT, linear, social media, and monetization portals quickly and efficiently through workflow automation
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    Graphical Workflow Editor
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    API Framework
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    Elastic Transcoding
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    Advanced File Packaging

Generate new revenue streams

Maximize your content ROI with Dalet’s latest technology partnership, integrating Veritone’s AI-powered Digital Media Hub into the Dalet Flex media workflow ecosystem


Under the previous legacy system, it was a dog to get something published and it took a long time, but now we have automated [workflows] in our media asset management that is going to streamline all that. That’s going to have a direct impact on our fans and they’re going to have a better experience

Charlie Myers

CTO at Monumental Sports & Entertainment

The Dalet solution has enabled us to further upgrade our operations and reduce on-premises infrastructure. We have eliminated significant content duplication, which saves unnecessary storage, and regained control of our historical content. This is allowing our creative teams to focus on what they do best – deliver engaging content that unites and inspires everyone to love and play cricket.

Dan Allan

Senior Content Manager, Broadcast at Cricket Australia

We took on an enormous challenge in building a new production infrastructure in such a short time – not just the workflows, but also a completely new facility in Lissone able to produce highlights, log match metadata and archive the assets. We needed reliable partners that would deliver and Dalet, together with CVE, did just that for the production part of this project.

Piercarlo Invernizzi

CTO at EI Towers / Serie A


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