Next-Gen Radio Production

Fully embrace convergence, it’s not just audio anymore!

MAM-driven workflows

The MAM core provides the power and management control to optimize media across multiple channels and platforms

All media and associated metadata reside in the dynamically updated, centralized content catalog. The workflow engine automates background tasks to facilitate repurposing for podcasts and more.

  • Multi-media production
  • Multi-platform distribution
  • Enterprise-class platform

Multimedia Editing

Dalet OneCut is a versatile audio, video and multimedia editor designed for accessibility and fast-paced production

Easy to learn and easy to use. Customizable workspaces can be configured to display subsets of functions to accommodate different skillsets and workflow scenarios - from simple to advanced skins.

  • Work from anywhere
  • Frame-accurate
  • Wide range of effects

Unified Playout

Intuitive and configurable user interface with key information and tools for last minute modifications

To further enhance flexibility, Dalet On-Air combines a playlist with show time tracking, a cart playout tool and a story preview, allowing «one-person» presenter workflow.

  • Studio production
  • Multi-purpose playout
  • Flexible and robust

Visual Radio & Social Media

Text, images, videos and other Program Associated Data (PAD) are generated on the fly

Native tools augment the traditional radio experience, facilitating multimedia content production and multi-platform repurposing. Efficient Social Media Publishing are built-in.

  • Reach all audiences
  • Fully integrated tools


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Complementary Tools

Drive your radio workflows leveraging the Dalet ecosystem

Dalet Galaxy five

Meet the industry-leading Media Workflow Platform

Dalet OneCut

Fast-paced, intuitive and collaborative multimedia editor designed for convergence

Dalet NRCS

Manage your end-to-end TV, Radio, Digital and Social Media news production


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