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Dalet Newsroom Solutions

Dalet Unified News Operations

The world's leading story-centric, fully integrated news production and delivery solution for TV, radio, web and social

Transform Your Operations
Unify social and traditional news
Enable team collaboration
Combine quality and speed
Unify social and traditional news
The Dalet Social Media Framework empowers teams to leverage the power of social media at all steps of the workflow inside the newsroom, from content curation and publishing to research and trend analysis.
Enable team collaboration
Dalet solutions bring together the entire news organization: teams, remote bureaus, and field reporters. Key features include chat and notifications, collaborative clipbins and editing, as well as Dalet Xtend to connect external tools such as NLEs.
Combine quality and speed
Not only Dalet allows you to keep pace with hyper-connected audiences thanks to streamlined and automated workflows, but the unified toolset also empowers teams to produce richer, more detailed and immersive news stories.
Solution Overview

End-to-End, Story-Centric and Multiplatform News Production and Distribution

Built for multi-site collaboration and extensive deployments, Dalet news solutions drive operations in many of the world’s largest newsrooms. The solution also comes as a scaled-down, turnkey template implementation that meets the budget and requirements of small and mid-sized operations, while keeping the full benefits of Dalet Unified News Operations.



Customer Story
Euronews Strategic Transformation
Euronews made a major shift to deliver more customized content for its audiences. Central in this transformation, Dalet Unified News Operations streamlines multilingual and multiplatform content production and distribution.
Solution Highlights
Unified Planning
Advanced, collaborative NRCS designed for converged story production
Search & Content Discovery
State-of-the-art search and contextual content recommendation that matches assignments
Social at the Core
Fully-featured social media framework with content curation, publishing, research, and trend analysis
Collaborative Script Editing
Powerful script editor with advanced collaboration features to enhance storytelling
Multimedia Editing
User-friendly multimedia editor, designed for fast-paced news production
Broadcast & Playout
Live and automated modes, configurable user interface and full flexibility


Dalet Unified News Operations


Powered by Dalet Galaxy five, the Dalet Unified News Operations solution allows journalists, editors, and producers to collaboratively plan, create and deliver news. The intuitive desktop, web and mobile tools for planning, ingest, scripting, editing, production, playout, analysis, and archive are geared for busy multimedia newsrooms, with social media and audience engagement at the core of their operation.

Collaboration spans across the entire workflow: from planning through scripting, production all the way through broadcast and distribution. All of these activities are served by a single, unified platform and accessible from multiple devices. Chat rooms allow users to open up news stories quickly, using ad-hoc groups to exchange media, scripts, and ideas.

Key Features
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