DR & Business Continuity

Protect your core business with reliable, secure and affordable disaster recovery and business continuity solutions

Recover in minutes

Get back on your feet swiftly! Access all backup content and operation-critical workflows within minutes

Dalet Business Continuity offers a range of solutions, based on a secondary site, hosted in an environment of the customer’s choice including on-premise, hosted in private or public cloud.
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    Primary site replication
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    Access all asset types
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    Assure critical workflows
Dalet Galaxy xCloud

Flexible billing models

The pay-as-you-go and on-demand infrastructure models in the cloud make it particularly interesting for broadcasters

Only pay for critical backup capacity while the DR site is off. When the DR needs to be turned into production processing, instances get spun up and billed.
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    OpEx traceability
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    Scalable and elastic
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    Optimize resource cost

Dalet's Solutions for DR & Business Continuity

Complementary Tools

Leverage the wider Dalet ecosystem for your Business Continuity

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Dalet Flex

Less work, more flow. Transform your digital distribution.

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Dalet Pyramid

Reimagine modern storytelling and deliver meaningful stories

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Dalet Galaxy xCloud

Enable remote workflows quickly and securely


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