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Dalet Radio Studio

Next-Gen Radio Production

Fully embrace convergence, it’s not just audio anymore!

Transform Your Operations
Serve all outlets
Produce visual radio
Exploit new opportunities
Serve all outlets
Build new content experiences that you can effectively serve to your audiences whenever they want it and wherever they are! Make the most of social media, podcast, digital radio, and online video platforms.
Produce visual radio
Designed for convergence, Dalet solutions are multimedia by their very nature and support all formats and types of audio, video and graphic files.
Exploit new opportunities
Develop and refine content delivery strategies with the platform's flexible metadata models, the built-in workflow engine, and the embedded report center which provides data consumption analysis.
Solution Highlights
Multimedia Production
Produce rich, visual radio: edit audio and video, add images and documents.
Multiplatform Distribution
Reach your audience on your website, social media and linear broadcast.
Enterprise-Class Platform
The most reliable, secure, open and scalable platform on the market.
End-to-end solution for News, Talk, and Music workflows

Built on Dalet Galaxy, Dalet Radio Solutions combine a robust Media Asset Management (MAM) and Orchestration platform with leading Radio Production, Automation, and Distribution tools. From PAD to podcasts, cross-channel branding, and multiplatform delivery, Dalet Radio Solutions ease the path to media convergence. This highly flexible solution manages all type of multimedia content, including audio, video, images, texts and more and allows broadcasters to operate their radio, TV and digital content production within a single system.

Dalet Radio Solutions

Tailored to the needs of independent stations, large music and commercial radios, as well as news and public broadcasters, Dalet solutions are designed for today’s digital radio environment - over the air, on demand, and on multiple platforms. The fully integrated, agile and collaborative solution for news, talk and music workflows includes production & distribution tools that are unmatched in their features and ease of use. The centralized catalogue, intuitive tools, and rock-solid performance put the solution in a class of its own.

Key Features
Customer Story
KEXP - From a local FM audience to a global media powerhouse
The Dalet solution transformed KEXP, a once small radio station, by empowering them with the ability to create, manage and distribute a full range of live, recorded and on-demand audio and video content to enhance its brand’s reach across traditional and new media platforms.
Leaders Run Dalet
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