Dalet Engages Hyper-Connected Audience with New Social Media Panel

Unveiling a new module of Dalet News Solutions, the Dalet Social Media Panel

IBC2017 will serve as the stage to unveil a new module of Dalet News Solutions, the Dalet Social Media Panel. Dalet has developed, within the Dalet Unified News Operations solution, a comprehensive social media framework that enables journalists to analyze, produce and deliver fast-paced news on social media platforms. The latest addition to this framework, the Dalet Social Media Panel, gives editorial teams a synthetic view of all their posts, including simple analytics to understand popularity of their posts in the blink of an eye, allowing journalists and news directors to better fine-tune and deliver content to targeted audiences, ultimately augmenting engagement.



“While the ability to publish to social media platforms is done by many broadcast systems, it’s often done as an ad hoc to the system and disconnected from the rest of the workflow. This is where the Dalet Social Media Panel approach separates itself from the rest of the pack,” comments Kevin Savina, Director of Product Strategy at Dalet. “The new Dalet Social Media Panel is a native module of the Dalet Galaxy Media Asset Management (MAM) and Orchestration platform, and is part of a wider social media framework. Not only are stories published as posts, but all data available on the social platforms is continuously extracted and used to enrich the story asset. It’s a true 360-degree workflow that puts social at the core of the news flow, which best serves a hyper-connected audience.”

Journalists, producers and assignment desk editors can access the Dalet Social Media Panel, right within their Dalet Galaxy workspace. Dynamic indicators such as number of views, likes and shares show how posted content is performing, while comments and threads allow journalists to detect new potential story angles. With data, tools and content at their fingertips, journalists can quickly evolve posts into deeper stories.

Savina adds, “The converged Dalet social media framework is designed to facilitate story curation and distribution to viewing platforms such as web and traditional broadcast while simultaneously outputting updates back to the social media networks. It’s a story-centric model that allows teams to deliver content that meets the consumption habits and expectations of all audiences, whether they are consuming complete news stories on social or simply using it as a method of finding news to be read in full online or watched live on-air.”

The look and feel of the Dalet Social Media Panel mimics the style of today’s social media platforms, making it a seamless transition for journalists to work with. To help manage volume and pace, Dalet Social Media Panel provides a central point for approving posts, as well as scheduling publish date and time. This keeps the social media news flow humming along smoothly. The analytical tools help both journalists and news directors view, at a glance, what stories are waning versus what topics are trending, aiding to make more informed decisions of what news stories and news angles need to be published next.



Other complementary modules of the Dalet social media framework include:

Twitter Harvester

Journalists within Dalet can create filters on the topics they follow, for example, #SolarEclipse2017; the system then automatically collects any new tweets that contain those hashtags or keywords and imports them as a wire. Any user interested can subscribe and get notified when a new tweet with that hashtag comes in, giving journalists the ability to feel the pulse of social media within their Dalet workspace as news develops.

Social media section built into the Dalet Story Editor

While writing a story for television or radio, users can easily curate their script for social media publishing, including drag and drop of images and video into the social media section. Throughout the development of a story, journalists can create new sections of their story to update tweets and posts.

Converged and easy editing for social

Within the Dalet OneCut multimedia editor, users can easily re-package television content to make it ready for social posts, including CG on the timeline with burn-in using Dalet Cube, integrated voiceover and open captions – an increasingly important feature on social with the demand for silent videos.

Simple and direct publishing

With the click of a button, journalists can post content straight to their personal or their news organization’s social media account. The system automatically publishes to YouTube, Facebook and/or Twitter, or queues it for later post synchronized with the on-air playout.

Fake news control

To prevent fake news from going out, all social media posts can be vetted, so only approved content is posted. Journalists can then view and track the activity of their posts, and notate which posts have been vetted and cleared for publishing, right from within their Dalet workspace.

Savina concludes, “Although the Dalet Social Media Panel is first being implemented within news organizations, Dalet clearly foresees it being used with other type of content and organizations – for instance, sports broadcasters and teams to publish highlights on social media, entertainment channels to push promos on social media, and more.”

For more information about the new Dalet Social Media Panel, please visit: https://www.dalet.com/solutions/social-media-framework/


See Dalet Social Media at IBC2017

Dalet will be showcasing the brand new Dalet Social Media Panel at IBC2017 on stand 8.B77. For more information or to schedule a private demo, please contact us here.


Dalet Press Briefings at IBC2017

To schedule a press briefing with Dalet at IBC2017, please contact Janice Dolan at janice@zazilmediagroup.com.


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