Dalet CubeNG Delivers Exceptional User Experience for News Graphics Workflows

Feature-packed release supports multi-site workflows and time-saving tools to create and interact with premium graphics

Dalet, a leading technology and service provider for media-rich organizations, today announced key updates to its Dalet CubeNG platform, the powerful graphics solution for modern news workflows. Fully integrated across Dalet Unified News Operations, Dalet CubeNG leverages the Brainstorm real-time graphics engine to deliver rich 2D and 3D branding as well as engaging visual storytelling across broadcast, social and digital channels.



The scalable, enterprise-level graphics solution is used by leading broadcasters including Euronews, Mediaset and Teleticino, and now features customizable work spaces that allow users to manipulate graphics in real time during a live show. The update also adds support for working across multiple sites to allow broadcasters to create distributed graphics workflows across all their centres of operation.


Dalet CubeNG New Features at a Glance

All Dalet CubeNG capabilities, including new features announced today, are available both on-premises and in the cloud:

  • New customizable button boards: Users can customize their playout workspace with curated graphic templates that can be triggered on the fly. This allows operators to interact with the live graphics to visually tell more complex stories, keeping audiences informed and engaged.
  • Computer graphics (CG) items can now have a shortcut ID: The new Dalet CubeNG quickplay shortcut lets users quickly trigger the playout of a CG.
  • Trigger advanced interaction with graphics: Users can animate graphics like bar charts to show changes in election results over time or zoom in on a map to show exactly where a pandemic has spread. This visually summarizes detailed data and unknown reference points to simplify stories and keep audiences informed.


New customizable button boards with Dalet CubeNG


“Audiences depend on graphics to absorb key points of complex events such as pandemic data, elections or sports statistics. However, often you cannot script these stories in advance,” states Jérémy Krein, Product Manager, Dalet CubeNG. “Our latest release of Dalet CubeNG brings users time-saving tools to enhance unscripted live news with compelling graphics elements. Users can animate charts, maps and other elements on the fly, enhancing the overall news commentary. This type of interaction with graphics provides audiences with even more valuable information, thus engaging them at a deeper level.”

The solution also introduces new capabilities that enable better collaboration across multi-sites, multi-studios and remote productions with under-the-hood file-based optimizations that ensure scalability and redundancy. Broadcasters can centralize graphics playlists for multiple playout locations. Each graphics playlist can be configured to play in one specific studio or across several. New APIs allow broadcasters to automate the creation of CG playlists across the enterprise.


Dalet CubeNG designer enables users to create highly engaging graphical stories


Jérémy concludes, “A strategic component for this release was the support for enterprise operations. Some of our customers have more than 20 locations, so rather than looking to deploy in each separate location, a centralized solution made much more business sense. Dalet CubeNG gives news operators more control over their brand and visuals while simplifying the delivery on a highly scalable platform. We revamped Dalet CubeNG with a brand-new engine just over a year ago, bringing great business success.”

To learn more about Dalet CubeNG, please visit https://www.dalet.com/tools/cube/.


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