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Dalet On-the-Go

Dalet On-the-Go

A mobile application designed for News producers on the move

Full Mobility
Seamless Collaboration
Deep Connectivity

Dalet On-the-Go is a mobile journalism application designed for users of Dalet news solutions. Journalists working from home, commuting or in the field can browse their latest assignments, check out wires and remain fully connected to their newsroom powered by Dalet Galaxy five. An Editor-in-Chief can review and approve the latest stories.

This journalist app provides remote connectivity and operations for Dalet users away from the production hub. Journalists can use the app within their mobile devices to collaborate with the newsroom while located remotely - from browsing wires and stories or checking assignments to editing and contributing stories and images back to their Dalet newsroom, and using the app as a virtual prompter. Dalet On-the-Go makes it all happen with just a few taps on the device screen.

Find Dalet On-the-Go on the App Store. Dalet On-the-Go is also available for Android devices.



Dalet On-the-Go provides you with a full connection to the Dalet Galaxy suite back in the newsroom whilst enabling remote collaboration workflows and business continuity. All the mobile journalism tools at your fingertips.

With Dalet On-the-Go, remote users can:

  • Receive and work on their assignments anytime, anywhere, view attachments and trigger internal wires
  • Access and browse the Dalet Galaxy Catalog (video, audio, scripts, wires) based on user permissions, review video with fast play options and approve or reject stories.
  • Stay updated with latest editorial changes by checking rundowns, planning and contacts
  • Deliver content back to the newsroom by recording and uploading video, audio, pictures and write their stories using pre-set templates, all within the mobile journalism app.
  • Check rundowns remotely and turn their mobile device into a feature-rich teleprompter
  • View their Dalet Galaxy Newsroom Ticker’s Chat Messages as well as urgent wires
  • Monitor smart upload activity, which is network loss tolerant and automatically resumes after network drops
Key Features
Product Video
Dalet On-the-Go: Seamless Remote Collaboration Workflows
Meet Dalet On-the-Go: A mobile app designed for users of Dalet news solutions. Journalists working from home, commuting or in the field are now able to carry newsroom essentials in their pocket!
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Dalet On-the-Go supports the most recent OS versions of iOS and Android. Currently Dalet On-the-Go requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as well as Android 4.3 and up.

Dalet On-the-Go is available for customers using the latest Dalet Galaxy 3.5 versions or above. Availability of individual features depends on the specific version of the Dalet news suite deployed.

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