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Dalet OneCut

Fast-paced, intuitive and collaborative multimedia editor designed for convergence

Multimedia Editing
Comprehensive, fast-paced multimedia editing for video, audio and web content
Seamless Collaboration
Users instantly share edits, EDL, and clip bins as well as contributions
Remote Workflows
Support journalists in the field and connect a globally distributed workforce

Whether you edit News, Sports, or Promos, Dalet OneCut is a versatile audio, video and multimedia editor, designed to encompass TV, radio, Internet and mobile content production.

    Fast and collaborative editing

    Dalet OneCut is available to users in three modes:

    1. A fully standalone mode
    2. A connected mode allowing users to access the Dalet Content Catalogue and easily download content locally
    3. A fully integrated mode where Dalet OneCut works within the MAM framework

    In a truly collaborative environment, users share edits, EDLs and clip bins as well as contributions. Editing can be done on proxy, even while recording, with media operations such as rendering and conformation performed by the MAM back-office media servers. To further enhance collaboration between editorial teams and content producers, users can also save their finished work into a placeholder.