NAB 2020 and Beyond – The Need for Safety and Business Continuity

While Dalet will miss participating in this year's event, we stand 100 percent behind NAB’s decision to cancel. The safety of our family, friends, colleagues and community must always come first.

By David Lasry | 03/12/20

NAB Show is, for many of us, a place to connect and exchange ideas about how we can move the media industry forward in an era of extremely rapid change. Since 1992, Dalet has looked forward to and enjoyed participating in the big show. NAB has given us a wonderful stage where we have unveiled some of our most innovative technology. It also has given us a passionate community where we have forged countless, long-lasting relationships. While we will miss participating in this year’s event, we stand 100 percent behind NAB’s decision to cancel. The safety of our family, friends, colleagues and community must always come first.

And with that notion, we must pivot our attention to the task of helping the greater community to stay connected, and keep business moving forward. As an international organization with team members across 31 countries, some of which have been severely impacted by COVID-19, we understand first-hand the challenges many are facing.  

Enabling seamless, digital-first interactions

We saw the need for an alternative to physically attending NAB and began planning a few weeks ago ways for our customers, colleagues and partners to connect and engage with us as we introduce new and innovative technology. Our team has planned digital experiences including videos and live streams as well as smaller locally hosted events to ensure all of us can connect as a community in a safe and inclusive environment.

Communications detailing our expanded online presence and local events will be distributed in the coming week.

On the importance of business continuity

Beyond NAB and other events that have been cancelled or postponed, life must go on. However big the current disruption, society will recover and flourish.

The creative industries play an enhanced role at times like this. Not only because huge numbers will be self-quarantined and will rely on news to stay informed and consume entertainment to pass the time – but because storytelling is the most powerful way for society to communicate.

We have a vital role to play in telling stories at a time like this.

Dalet is fully committed to business continuity and is available to its customers and partners. Our global workforce ensures that we can provide a high level of service anywhere, anytime. Both 24/7 customer support and our professional services teams are equipped with the tools and technology to collaborate with customers and configure their solutions remotely across different regions and time zones.

And for our customers who may face mobility restrictions due to COVID-19, Dalet offers a suite of remote workflow solutions to ensure your news, entertainment and factual content keeps flowing.

We truly hope you and your families will stay safe and healthy, and – within the restrictions you have around you – use all the means you have to keep the creative and broadcast industries working. We’re here to help. Please do stay in touch with us and let us assist with any questions you may have.

As we move forward, we will continue to monitor the situation and follow WHO and CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone connected with Dalet. In the meantime, if you have any questions or require our assistance, please send us a note to

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By David Lasry

David Lasry is a co-founder of Dalet and has served as Chief Executive Officer since 1997. Mr. Lasry graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris and holds an MSc in Applied Mathematics and a PhD from Northwestern University.

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