Articles by Luis Fernandez

News production in the digital era

The New Normal for News The news industry has been through significant changes over the past century. The dominance of television news has been undeniable in the last 65 years; no other mass communication medium has effectively challenged the power of watching news on a TV screen… until recently. In 2020, a study indicated that,…

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How to Produce News Content Remotely

One of the biggest challenges in today’s newsrooms is enabling journalists to produce stories from anywhere. Staff in the field need to be able to work as effectively as in the newsroom, so finding the right tools to do it becomes crucial. Dalet Pyramid, our cloud-native news solution, is the outcome of years of work…

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Introducing Dalet Pyramid Solutions

From inception, we, at Dalet, have been committed to improving the way media professionals create and share stories. We are constantly working with journalists, editors, producers, engineers, and technologists, to provide innovative solutions for planning, producing, and sharing news in our digital world. As a result, we have developed three solutions, powered by Dalet Pyramid,…

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