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Sports Production Solutions

Unified Sports Content Operations

Capture, enrich, produce and deliver multi-sports content across all distribution channels.

Transform Your Operations
Unify sports content production
Extend your team and sites
Gain actionable insights
Unify sports content production
Combine a robust asset management platform with studio production, fast-paced editorial, creative and publishing workflows, to accelerate your content-to-audience cycles.
Extend your team and sites
Connect sites, bureaus, and trucks to a single collaborative workspace, extensible across on-premises and cloud topologies.
Gain actionable insights
Discover relationships and content relevance through AI and consumption data, freeing your team to focus on their craft and storytelling as opposed to spending time on technical manipulations and queries.

Dalet sports solutions power highly effective game-to-audience workflows

Featuring its robust workflow engine and scalable content management platform, Dalet offers broadcast operation, editorial, and marketing teams a unified environment to collaborate, setting the framework for a new generation of editorial experiences.




Multicam Ingest Capabilities
Import from various sources and formats, with the ability to access incoming game content across all users within seconds.
Logging & Highlights Creation
Create highlights and sequences for play recaps, post-game wraps, and magazine shows. Logging and metadata entries flow through all creative tools.
Show Management & Control Room Automation
Powerful suite of tools to address scripted and unscripted show creation and playout in live or post-game modes.
Living Content Inventory
Brings your archived material directly into your production chain. Quickly find and reuse best shots and plays to create compelling content.
AI & Sports Data Feeds
AI-augmented tools provide content insights and discovery, contextual recommendations, advanced automation and predictive analytics.
Multiplatform Distribution
Repurpose rich media content independently on a full range of platforms. Embrace social at every step of the workflow.

End-to-End Workflows

Addressing the entire content life-cycle with its modular platform, Dalet solutions streamline live and file-based ingest, analysis, fast-paced logging, remote and craft editing, graphics, broadcast, publishing, and distribution.

Hybrid Infrastructure

While embracing hybrid and cloud architectures, Dalet cuts the complexities and bottlenecks often found in multi-siloed productions by opening new Live, Broadcast, Social and Online distribution opportunities. The social media framework empowers marketing and promo teams to analyze, produce, and deliver to social media platforms.

Sports Live Data Feed

Along with support for the major Sports Data Feeds to auto-curate and log play-by-play events, Dalet offers AI-augmented media workflows, featuring smart assistants with content insights and discovery, contextual and timely recommendations, advanced automation and predictive analytics.

Dalet Sports Content Solutions
Dalet sports content solutions enable sports teams, sports federations, stadiums and sports television groups with easy-to-use tools to ingest content from multiple camera angles, log every action with customized sports logging metadata, create fast-paced highlights, conduct video editing on metadata-rich content, distribute content to social media, and, with access to a rich sports media library, prepare and playout in-depth sports magazine television shows.
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