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Better Together! Dalet Acquires Ooyala Flex Media Platform business.

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Dalet Remote Editing Features

A highly scalable framework that brings the full-featured multimedia editing capabilities and speed to the editors working remotely without requiring a PAM/MAM at every location.

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Dalet Remote Editing

Experience high quality video editing everywhere

Prepare your story while on the go, preview and pull in content from the central catalog, mix it with locally captured footage using Dalet OneCut.


Powered by Dalet Galaxy five

Native connectivity to the content hub & its feaures, integrations, workflows

When a contributor submits content from a remote location, whether it is work-in-progress or complete package, Dalet OneCut uploads only the locally captured media. Dalet Galaxy five links the on-premise content once the package arrives at the central hub. With direct link to the Dalet Galaxy five environment through Dalet OneCut, remote contributors can render their packages straight to a placeholder, which is important for airing fast-breaking news.

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Key highlights

Cutting-edge Remote Editing framework

High-quality editing experience

Remote users enjoy the same robust editing experience as those located within the four walls of the central hub

Richer stories
Richer stories with better content​

Mix local and remote content seamlessly on the editing timeline

Enhanced team collaboration

Efficient cross-site video editing & collaboration capabilities to streamline content exchange

Secured & easy to deploy

Hybrid infrastructure with AWS allows fast deployment and service availability, as well as scalability

Unified production resources​

Remote users edit, assemble, collaborate and quickly submit packages even in low-bandwidth situations

Open to freelancers and partners

Open and secure framework enables efficient, collaborative workflow with external contributors

Connect remote editors to the workflow
  • Full-featured multimedia editing capabilities
  • High-performance for editors working remotely
  • Highly scalable framework

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