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Program Preparation & Multiplatform Distribution

Program Preparation & Multiplatform Distribution

All the tools you need to efficiently assemble and deliver programs to multiple outlets.

Transform Your Operations
Serve more outlets
Increase agility and efficiency
Build business intelligence
Serve more outlets
Reaching audiences on any device and wherever they are: linear channels, OTT services, and social platforms.
Increase agility and efficiency
Scaling, industrializing, and continuously refining your workflow operations with ease and accuracy.
Build business intelligence
Analyzing vast amounts of user, system, and audience data with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and configurable reports.
Workflow Overview
Dalet Program Preparation Workflow

Built upon the robust Dalet Galaxy five Media Asset Management (MAM) & Workflow Orchestration platform, the solution features specialized tools covering the complete media supply chain. It harnesses your resources with integrated tools and a powerful workflow engine that fast-tracks the end-to-end content preparation and distribution workflow.
From work orders to multi-platform distribution, Dalet solutions bring the best tools and technologies into a consistent production environment to allow the various teams to seamlessly collaborate and efficiently contribute to the flow of content.


Multiplatform Packaging & Distribution

Automate your distribution workflows for increased productivity, agility and visibility


Multiplatform Distribution


Solution Highlights
Enterprise Content Library
Rich data model with built-in objects designed for program preparation workflows. Native IMF support
Dedicated User tools
Comprehensive user toolkit to efficiently assemble and deliver programs
Business Process Management
Orchestrated workflows with process automation, system & user task management
Advanced Media Processing
Advanced processing engine: 4K HDR, CC/Sub, Standards Converter, etc.
API & Integrations
Web Service API with granular access to assets and workflows
Business Intelligence
Business-oriented Reporting tool to optimize operations
A solution designed for networks and content distributors

Designed to meet the complex requirements of networks and content distributors who generate large volumes of content for many outlets, the solution features an advanced media asset management and orchestration platform at the core to manage the essential business and operational functions in your production workflow, including media lifecycle, essence, and metadata management. Dalet Workflow Engine orchestrates many human tasks and automates background processes.

Fully integrated tools for ingest and bulk ingest, compliance editing, rough cutting, shot selection, storyboarding, language/captioning, content repurposing, and previewing are easily accessible. Dalet solutions integrate with 3rd party systems, including industry-standard NLEs, traffic, automation and business systems.

Key Features
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Customer Success
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