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Dalet Cloud

Cloud & Hybrid Operations

Unleash innovation, increase agility and optimize costs

Infrastructure Scalability
Take advantage of scalability mechanisms to make significant savings on your infrastructure
Seamless User Experience
Make media and production tools ubiquitous and ensure a seamless experience for users
Operational Flexibility
Increase flexibility with the possibility to spin up new systems in a matter of minutes
Cost Optimization
Decrease operating costs by subcontracting mutualized IT resources
Full Content Security
Maximize content security and protect your assets
Hybrid Workflows and Operations

Thanks to its modern architecture, Dalet Galaxy five supports hybrid deployments in which your installation is partly hosted in the cloud and partly running on a public or private cloud infrastructure. It is perfect to enable a step-by-step transition in the cloud and make sure this transition remains fully transparent for users.

    New Integrations with AWS

    Dalet Galaxy five introduces new integrations with AWS infrastructure services, enabling hybrid scalable architectures that help minimize content handling costs and introduce more mobility in the user experience while enhancing content security.


    Dalet is offering a tight and seamless integration with AWS, with auto-scalability capabilities to save on infrastructure costs and native support of S3 and Glacier. The latter provides a seamless user experience; for instance, content served to our web-based and mobile app clients Dalet WebSpace and Dalet On-the-Go respectively can be hosted on and streamed directly from S3. 

    The new hybrid capabilities are illustrated with three distinct Dalet Galaxy five workflows

    1. Archive Migration to the Cloud
    2. Multi-Site Federation & Content Sharing
    3. Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
    Keynote presentation at Dalet Pulse
    Cloud, Virtualization and Business Continuity
    Dalet Director of Product Strategy, Kevin Savina, shares an update on the company’s flexible approach to the Cloud: a technology transition with unique opportunities!
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