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Transcoding just got smarter

Scalable media processing at your fingertips

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Key benefits
  • Highest quality transcoding
  • Cloud-based service or use on-premises
  • Balance quality, economy and features

Premium transcoding and supply chain workflows, in the cloud or on-premises

Media processing platform for video/image, audio and subtitle/caption processing

What is Dalet AmberFin?

Dalet AmberFin is a transcoder and workflow engine packaged for use where you need media conversions, on-premises, in a Dalet-managed SaaS environment, or inside your own VPC, with pricing that adjusts from perpetual to usage-based models.

AmberFin Cloud Workflow
High-Quality Media Conversions

Dalet AmberFin has been trusted by major media organizations to handle standards conversions, archive packaging and color conversions for over 10 years, with continued development, including Dolby Vision, HDR10, ACES, and regular codec updates/additions.

Sacrifice Nothing In The Cloud

Dalet AmberFin’s cloud transcoder service brings every feature of the AmberFin platform into a multi-tenant SaaS or single-tenant customer-managed VPC cloud environment. Retain your AmberFin workflow engine, and you’re in complete control of when jobs run with your perpetual licenses and when they will use the cloud service.

Control Deployment Costs

At Dalet we’re focused on keeping every AmberFin feature working as fast as possible on cost-effective, commodity machine instances (without GPU or proprietary hardware requirements), while focusing on reasonable licensing and usage fees.


More than Transcoding.

Whether you are looking to replace an aging transcoder, upgrading your media supply chain, or adding media processing functionality, Dalet AmberFin can make a great fit.


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Feature set
  • Design your own workflows
  • Latest codec and camera card support
  • Scaling, splicing and image/text burn-in
  • Flexible architecture
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Selected use cases

Dalet AmberFin is used by post-production houses, studio archives, broadcasters, and other media organizations to simplify the creation and packaging of media files to tell stories, and distribute that media where the story needs to be told.

Post-Production (Localization)

When Salim needs to quickly create output packages for incoming subtitle and audio dubbing tracks, he turns to Dalet AmberFin’s ability to look in an S3 bucket for incoming content, leverage a workflow to identify the content type, and build the output package with correct subtitles and audio mix.

Multimedia Journalist

Nozomi works remotely, shooting panoramic vistas, up-close interviews and newsworthy images, but she needs to get all her camera footage checked in to the newsroom from the road. She counts on Dalet AmberFin’s wide range of camera ingest capability (including spanned file/folder/card support) and its browser UI to collect metadata and create a transcoding job that delivers raw and mezzanine versions to her colleagues.

Studio Archive Director

When his studio decided to migrate their archives to a new format, Topher knew he could count on Dalet AmberFin’s high-quality conversion capability to retain every frame with the best color possible, moving easily between HDR10, Dolby Vision and ACES. Plus he can fulfill requests for export packages, from IMF masters to proxies for every need.

"Dalet AmberFin enables organizations to easily provision their media supply chain capacity for transcoding on-premises or in the cloud, with the ability to control both from the same workflow engine."

Eric Carson
Product Manager, Dalet AmberFin

Introducing Dalet AmberFin

Meet the Dalet AmberFin Cloud Transcoder Service and discover how it can benefit your media organization

Key features
  • Transcoding in the cloud or on-premises
  • Media processing with transcode + workflow
  • High-quality conversions
  • Low cost of deployment

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