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Qualstar Corporation (Nasdaq: QBAK) Automated Tape Libraries for video archive.  Qualstar’s tape libraries are remarkably dense, efficient and cost-effective systems that archive from 1,500 hours to over 700,000 hours of SD or HD content that support the leading archive software packages.Qualstar RLS Series rack mountable tape library models store over 15,000 hours of SD, or 7,600 hours of HD content in just 5U, 6U or 10U of rack space. Up to five SAS or FC LTO 5 tape drives deliver over 1Gbs, each. The RLS Series features Q-Link, the powerful single-view, worldwide remote management interface is built-in. N+1 power is optional. Qualstar’s widely regarded XLS Enterprise Tape Library family stores from 22,000 up to 1.3 million hours of SD content. XLS is designed for high reliability and easy expansion as assets grow.  Patented Compass Architecture yields a very compact footprint and high reliability. Six XLS models cost-effectively match initial capacity needs.  Adding more capacity or tape drives to the XLS is readily accomplished in the field, often without interrupting on-going operations.  Tape drive bays, tape drives and internal and external capacity expansion options can all be installed in a few minutes.



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