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Featured Event | February 9 & 10, 2021

Finding gold in your media archives - 30 Minutes

EMEA | 02/10 - 3 PM CET, AMER | 02/09 - 10 AM PT & 02/10 - 9 AM ET

Artificial Intelligence is poised to have a transformational impact on the Media & Entertainment industry in the New Normal. For the first time, three industry leaders of the AI transformation ecosystem are joining forces to explore one of the most pressing needs of the media industry in the new normal - Unlocking the monetization potentials of existing content archives.

Presented by: Raoul Cospen (Dalet), Patrick Murphy (Quantiphi) and Paul Lasserre (AWS)


Live Webinar | February 18, 2021

Video Tech Trends 2021 - 30 Minutes

EMEA | 02/18 - 11 AM CET, AMER | 02/18 - 2 PM ET

Join us alongside AWS, Bitmovin, G&L, Teleport Media, & Unified Streaming as we discuss our predicted top five video tech trends of 2021.

Keynote Speakers: Bea Alonso (Dalet), Zach Willner (AWS), Katy Oberdiek (Bitmovin), Andrey Klimenko (Teleport Media), Alexander Leschinksy (G&L) and Pepijn Tijhuis (Unified Streaming)


Live Webinar | Q1 2021 (Date TBC)

Unveiling new product features: news planning tools for a digital world - 30 Minutes

Join our News product team to discover a new generation of planning tools that facilitate editorial decisions and optimize news production operations. This webinar will walk you through innovative workflows to produce all types of content, across all platforms, for all screens.

Keynote Speakers: Raoul Cospen and Thomas Bairl


Live Webinar | Q1 2021 (Date TBC)

Tools for field journalism and reporting from home - 30 Minutes

The time when field reporters brought tapes back to the station for editing is long gone! Now we expect shooting, editing and storytelling to happen simultaneously. Raoul Cospen, Director of Product Strategy - News at Dalet will discuss the tools and technology options to enable all-round journalism.

Keynote Speakers: Raoul Cospen


Live Webinar | Q1 2021 (Date TBC)

Remote editing workflows - 30 Minutes

Editing anytime, anywhere is now essential for any content producer and news storyteller. This webinar will discuss how Dalet’s next-generation remote editing tools empower distributed workforces to edit, collaborate and quickly contribute their video content with browser-based tools.

Keynote Speaker: Raoul Cospen


Past Webinar | December 2, 2020

How Arsenal Football Club leverage Dalet's solutions to connect with fans around the world across platforms - 20 Minutes

Arsenal is one of the most well known sports brands in the world. Join this presentation at SportsPro OTT to learn how they use Dalet's solutions to manage video assets across their operations by automating workflows and streamlining the process of sharing video across all platforms.

Presented by: Matt Carter (Dalet) and John Dollin (Arsenal)


Past Webinar | December 1, 2020

SRT Tuesday Webinar Series - 20 Minutes

SRT Tuesday is a series of virtual events hosted by the SRT Alliance featuring the latest innovations using the SRT open source protocol. Attend and learn how you can leverage SRT for today’s challenges of streaming low latency, high quality video over unpredictable internet connections.

Watch this webinar to find out how Dalet powers remote workflows in the cloud leveraging SRT for field contribution and fast turnaround production.

Presented by: Jérémy Krein (Dalet) and Jesús (Suso) Carrillo (Haivision)


Past Webinar | November 17, 2020

NEW product announcement! Next Generation News Production Solution for our Digital World - 45 Minutes

Editing anytime, anywhere is now essential for any content producer and news storyteller. This webinar will discuss how Dalet’s next-generation remote editing tools empower distributed workforces to edit, collaborate and quickly contribute their video content with browser-based tools.

Keynote Speakers: Raoul Cospen, Matthieu Fasani, Bea Alonso and Thomas Bairl

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Remote Production

Dalet Remote Editing | Connect globally distributed teams. Collaborate and break news faster and better wherever you are!


NRCS / News Production

Dalet Unified News Operations | The world's leading story-centric, fully integrated news production and delivery solution for TV, radio, web and social.


Content Production

Dalet Galaxy five & Dalet OneCut | From TV to radio, digital and social media content production - benefit from Dalet's connected toolset. Now with support of aspect ratios (Hi, vertical video!), "tweet-to-edit" and new digital-first features.

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Business Continuity & DR

Dalet Galaxy xCloud | Enable home-based content production! Protect your core business with a reliable, secure and affordable business continuity and disaster recovery solution for media operations.


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Dalet Galaxy five | Streamline your production and distribution operations to produce more content in less time, and increase revenue opportunities. Leverage Dalet StoreFront to securely share your catalog with partners.


Sports Content Workflows

Ooyala Flex Media Platform | Are you a sporting organization looking to keep your fans engaged across multiple channels? Dalet's solutions will help you package and distribute your media assets and monetize your archive.

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