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IMF - Interoperable Master Format

How IMF Can Benefit a Facility Where Versions Matter 

Learn more about the Interoperable Master Format (IMF), a standard from SMPTE designed to simplify and standardize the world of multi-platform, multi-lingual, multi-resolution delivery.

The IMF-Enabled Future

The Interoperable Master Format (IMF) is a standard from SMPTE (ST 2067) that encourages process automation with reliable interoperability to significantly reduce the costs and improve the efficiency of multi-version, multi-platform distribution.

This white paper looks at how IMF can benefit a facility where versions matter. It will briefly consider how IMF works and then look at use cases of where automation can be used to ensure optimal handling of titles both at the point of creation and also over time as versions are created, managed and maintained.

Leading multi-platform, multi-lingual, multi-resolution delivery

As content creators look to generate the maximum revenue from their products, via the maximum number of eyeballs on screen in as many markets as possible, they must create multiple tailored versions of the same piece of content for each of those audiences.

Versioning & IMF Workflows

Top 3 reasons to download this White Paper

  1. Get the maximum revenues from your assets via distribution into ever more territories
  2. Improve the efficiency of your multi-version, multi-platform distribution operations
  3. Achieve at least 25% budget savings by using IMF-enabled workflows