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Future-proof your news: shift, engage, transform

Trying to be better, faster or slower, targeted or broad, cooler, more inclusive... everywhere - or all of the above!

Next Generation News

Leaders at many of the most successful modern digital media companies have turned to experimentation in formats and approaches to try and reverse the avoidance trend. We tell you more on this white paper.

All news organizations – broadcast, cable, print, digital native, radio – have become multimedia platforms, and they compete not just against each other but against every other form of screen time.

What news organizations really need to focus on – more than ever – are the dramatic shifts in audience behavior and the fierce competition for screen time. They need the agility to experiment with different platforms, formats and tones of voice in order to reach fickle young audiences.

Recent studies by the Reuters Institute and SmithGeiger, an international research and consulting company, underscore the need for media companies to make their products more relevant and fun – and more readily available.

Top 3 reasons to read this White Paper

  1. Get insights on the evolution of news audiences, especially in video
  2. Learn how leaders from some of the most successful modern digital media companies are experimenting with content and formats to try and reverse the avoidance trend
  3. Discover how to enable agility to unleash creativity through 2 use cases: Euronews and TikTok