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What is media logistics for production?

How to save money, time and resources on episodic production, while working with distributed teams

Digital Asset Management for Production

Media logistics concerns the digital asset management and distribution of media, by providing control of end-to-end asset and metadata management, automated workflow orchestration and operational insights, in order to optimize costs and reduce complexity of operations.

Working remotely is on the increase in all industries, including media production. Distributed teams require efficient workflows and software solutions to efficiently handle digital asset management.

From production to distribution, every stage of an asset’s production lifecycle needs to be carefully managed for optimal productivity, ensuring that media production companies remain agile and respond to increasing market demands.

The Ooyala Flex Media Platform, now part of Dalet, has led the way in media logistics and digital asset management for over a decade, helping broadcasters, studios and media companies gain visibility and control of their content.

In this White Paper we explore how this modular Platform can give you insights that enable you to create efficiency, save costs, eliminate errors, create higher-value content and above all, generate more revenue.


Top 3 reasons to download this White Paper

  1. Discover a platform that gives you a single source of truth for your digital asset management and leverage a wide range of content packaging features
  2. Explore how to take advantage of the Ooyala Flex Media Platform efficiently from production to distribution - including a hands-on example
  3. Learn how to beat the competition and deliver the most efficient productions