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Media Workflow Management
Media Workflow Management

Dalet solutions for program preparation, multi-platform distribution, post-production, IMF management and enterprise media library are specifically designed for content owners and producers, such as broadcast networks, thematic channels, post-production houses and other media & entertainment organizations.
Built upon the robust Dalet Galaxy Media Asset Management (MAM) & Orchestration platform, the solutions feature specialized tools covering the complete media supply chain. It harnesses your resources with integrated tools and a powerful workflow engine that fast-tracks the end-to-end content production and distribution workflow.


Streamline your media operations

From work orders to multi-platform distribution, Dalet solutions bring the best tools and technologies into a consistent production environment to allow the various teams to seamlessly collaborate and efficiently contribute to the flow of content.

A central, unified multimedia content catalog manages rich media assets across the organization enabling seamless collaboration. Workflow specific, task-oriented tools have native access to this central catalog, facilitating every aspect of content creation, management and distribution: tools to design, manage and share media and metadata; tools to orchestrate the workflow, automate processes and human tasks; integration tools to unify disparate components into a cohesive system; business intelligence enables customizable reports for full visibility over the performance of your operations and systems.

Function Highlights
Build an agile workflow that connects internal content sources to the whole of the business, streamlines user workflows, standardizes processes and provides visibility throughout the chain in order to continuously optimize performance & build data-driven strategies.
Serve More Outlets
Create once and distribute seamlessly across all outlets! Flexible metadata schemes facilitate the assembly of tailored packages while the state-ofthe-art workflow engine automates delivery operations.
Richer Content
Benefit from asset-centric workflows that allow all departments to collaborate in a multimediaoriented production. All media assets, including archived material, are immediately available allowing broadcasters and media organizations to create and prepare content in a collaborative manner.
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