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Capture the intensity of live events

Dalet Sports Logger is a powerful module offering an intuitive interface to log sports as well as any other kind of events. Thanks to extended Sports capabilities, multiple events are logged at the same time. Dalet Sports Logger takes logging a step further by improving user experience and by speeding up live-to-air operations through fast highlights creation.
Whether for live or post live events, Dalet Sports Logger adds value to your content through easy metadata insertion. Content is better referenced throughout, making searches of the content catalogue and archives more efficient; content is more readily accessible to everyone who needs it for production, play out or multi-platform delivery. 

Maximize the use and value of your content


  • Dalet Sports Logger provides ultimate flexibility with easily customizable metadata schemes to satisfy every type of sports. Buttons, actions and sub buttons can also be set up in order to meet specific requirements. Pre-configured metadata fields, glossaries and thesauri ensure consistency and fast content enrichment


  • In-depth integration with Sports data feeds enables team rosters, player information, event schedules and more to be quickly added


  • Thanks to a seamless MAM integration, collaboration is enhanced as content becomes immediately available for fast assembly of multiple playlists or for finishing in NLEs, even while record. Metadata are preserved throughout the media life cycle, which facilitate content retrieval and repurposing.
Key Features
Fast and accurate logging and metadata entry
Designed for all types of events (Sports, News, Programs, etc.) and Sports, Immediate access to media and metadata, even while recording, Automated logging adds precision and consistency to metadata entries
Multi-camera logging
Logging of multiple events at the same time
Auto Import & Integration
Automatic import of schedules, rosters, injury updates and more through integration with industry standard protocols such as SportsML, SMT LWS and Opta


  • Auto-start of highlights a few seconds before mark-ins
  • Logging results immediately displayed in bins for fast assembly and playout
  • Configurable action buttons to fit all types of workflows and sports
  • Seamless MAM integration 
  • Structured metadata improves content management and accelerates post-production and multi-platform repurposing
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