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Compliance at Scale

Rules and regulations change every day, region to region. Keeping your team compliant and up-to-date is critical in every regulated industry and the risks of falling behind are severe.

When it comes to enterprise customer experience and team training, video matters. Being able to adapt your videos quickly and precisely when regulations change, and then share updates and training packages to the right people to stay compliant is imperative.

A single point of truth

Media assets are all in the same place, no matter what storage solution you use, for all required users across your various locations. Complete and secure remote collaboration.

Search is easy and effective, allowing you to find the content you need quickly, based on useful criteria such as dates, keywords such as rules or regulations, images, people, tags, etc.

De-Risking Deep Dive

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Complete Security

Do you know where your video assets are right now? Hard drives, desk drawers, laptops, camera cards and personal cloud storage...

De-risk and keep all high-value video assets even more usable in one secure, central location whilst controlling access levels for the whole team.

Add Enterprise Apps

Flexible APIs can tie into third-party apps like Salesforce and integrate with content delivery systems.

If you have a use-case that requires integrating a third-party application or in-house tool, fear not. If it hasn’t been done already, there’s likely a way to achieve it, thanks to our APIs.

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