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Dalet capitalized on the growing popularity of chat as a means of communicating by integrating it with Dalet Galaxy. Journalists and others working for the newsroom using phones, a web client and desktop computers have at their fingertips the ability to collect as much information, including various multimedia, about an event as possible, enabling them to form a viewpoint that is both informative and balanced.

With the ability to create chatrooms in Galaxy, journalists can collaborate with people in the newsroom about an ongoing story as well as with various bureaus and reporters on the road. What’s more, with XMPP technology, chat is no longer limited to one messaging app, as Dalet chat users can send and receive chats with multiple chat services including Facebook Messenger, Gchat, WhatsApp and many more. Whenever a story, planning event and new recording is created, everyone who subscribes to notifications from Dalet Chat will receive a message, even if they are offline, and with a click, a user can open the item, be it a textual story, video, image or audio recording.

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