Archives Management

It’s not just about cataloging and preservation, it’s about connecting your content to opportunities!

Tame your archive

Make your assets instantly accessible and easily findable from any location and through any client

Dalet’s highly flexible Archive solutions manage all type of multimedia content, including video, audio, texts, documents and more. Access content easily through a web or mobile client.

  • Lifecycle Management
  • Relational Data Model
  • Multilingual Support

Centralized Ingest Hub

Dalet Ingest tools simplify the acquisition of tapes, feeds, video/audio/image files, as well as bulk ingest

Dalet Ingest is centrally managed, allowing any authorized user to access, preview and manage ingest jobs.

  • Orchestrated workflows
  • Process automation
  • User task management
  • Multi-tier archive rules

Bundling and Versioning

Tools to better monetize your content across platforms and geographies

Easily create versions (soft-parting, media localization, etc..) manually or automatically for distribution of content between businesses into multiple territories.

  • Playout & Distribution
  • Ensure content security
  • Reduce manual processing


Leaders run Dalet

Dalet's Solutions for Archives Management

Complementary Tools

Make the most of your archive with the wider Dalet ecosystem

Dalet Galaxy five

Meet the industry-leading Media Workflow Platform

Dalet Flex

Less work, more flow. Transform your digital distribution.

Dalet Pyramid

Reimagine modern storytelling and deliver meaningful stories


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