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Dalet & PBS Stations

Solutions for forward-looking PBS stations

Upgrade your storytelling capabilities with the leading media platform for unified content operations and collaborative workflows!

The end-to-end solution for PBS stations

Dalet's all-in-one solution enables PBS stations to streamline multimedia productions, content preparation and multiplatform distribution for news, radio, long-form programs such as education and lifestyle series...

This solution brief looks at how PBS stations can benefit from Dalet's all-in-one media management solution. Following an overview of the solution's key capabilities, from multimedia production to content preparation and multi-platform distribution, explore selected customer stories and use cases of PBS stations who successfully transformed into vibrant media powerhouse thanks to Dalet technology.

A single platform for unified content operations

Dalet Unified Content Operations


Discover how leading PBS stations leverage Dalet to:

  • Build transversal media supply chain and workflow initiatives to decouple content creation from content distribution
  • Improve workflow consistency and connect all workgroups, including those typically siloed from the workflow, into a unified digital chain of operations
  • Tackle the challenge of multi-platform distribution, simplifying production, versioning, and delivery to multiple outlets such as TV, radio, online, OTT, and social media