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Dalet Flex | Archives & Monetization

Unlocking the Value of Your Archives

A well-implemented Intelligent Content Library helps content owners maximize the value of their archived assets.


Brands & Corporations | Dalet Flex | Video

Dalet in the Raconteur: The Future CMO

Dalet discusses why CMO's should implement a solid video strategy to boost engagement and to help build trust in a brand

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Dalet Flex | Video Asset Management

How Efficient Video Asset Management Enables Growth

An ever growing demand for high-quality, multimedia content calls for efficient video and media asset management strategies

Solution Briefs

Content Operations | Dalet Flex

Enterprise Content Operations

Unlock your video potential with Dalet Flex and complete four times as many projects with the same personnel

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Dalet Flex | Sports Content Production

Turning a Fan Base into a Community

Increase mobile fan engagement with sports multimedia content production that’s scalable across distributed platforms

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Dalet Flex | Supply Chain

Return on Investment

How to get your money’s worth when investing in media technology by leveraging Intelligent Agents that help increase productivity in the Supply Chain

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Build vs Buy | Agile Workflows | Dalet Flex

Buy or Build Your Media Workflow Solution?

Here's how to make the best build vs buy software decision!

Solution Briefs

Dalet Flex | Sports Content Operations

Sports Distribution Solution Brief

Amplify your legendary moments and deliver winning experiences to your fans with the Dalet Flex Platform

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Brands & Corporations | Dalet Flex | Video

How High is Corporate Video on Your Agenda?

Discover how your brand can leverage the new video wave productively and profitably

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Dalet Flex

Dalet Flex Knowledge Base

Dalet Flex has been built to help you manage the entirety of your content workflow. Learn how you can create custom interfaces or plug Dalet Flex into existing platforms