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Dalet AmberFin Features

Transcoding + workflow orchestration for media processing on-premises or in the cloud

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Scalable transcoder and workflow engine, on-premises or in the cloud

Dalet AmberFin enables facilities to make great pictures, with the ability to deploy on cost-effective commodity IT hardware, as a scalable service in your VPC infrastructure or via a Dalet-managed SaaS. It is built upon unique technology that ensures your assets retain the highest quality, from proxy resolution to UHD with HDR and beyond.

Key highlights

Beyond Simple Transcoding to Workflow-Driven Media Processing

High-Quality Media Processing icon
High-Quality Media Processing

Continued focus on retaining every detail possible in standards conversions, color conversions and image scaling is why customers point to Dalet AmberFin as the premier transcoder in the market. AmberFin simplifies working with high-resolution 4K/UHD images, as well as Dolby Vision, ACES or HDR10 color.

Powerful, Workflow-Driven Transcoding icon
Powerful, Workflow-Driven Transcoding

Growing file support and the ability to write directly to shared and cloud/object storage dramatically reduces workflow latency, while flexible Closed Caption/Subtitle and Ancillary Data retention and conversion support offers further time savings. That's media processing at its best.

Orchestrated & Scalable Workflows icon
Orchestrated & Scalable Workflows

Dalet AmberFin includes a fully capable BPM workflow design and execution environment, enabling media packaging and delivery to be created for multiple endpoints, running in parallel. Media packaging is available for HLS, DASH and IMF directly within the workflow engine.

Proven Interoperability & Extensible APIs icon
Proven Interoperability & Extensible APIs

A fully featured REST API ensures that Dalet AmberFin can be used seamlessly within your existing media asset management or supply chain. In addition, it’s perfectly integrated with Dalet Galaxy five and the Ooyala Flex Media Platform.

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Ease of Integration

Use the Dalet AmberFin workflow engine to call third-party applications with the built-in script execution environment or utilize the native integrations available for third-party file-based QC, forensic watermarking and file acceleration vendors.

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Control your media processing transcodes from one workflow engine, easily switching between your perpetual, on-premises capacity and Dalet’s elastic usage-based cloud transcoder service.

Dalet AmberFin Platform Introduction

Meet the orchestrated, scalable media processing platform with fully integrated transcode, color conversion, packaging and file transport functionality

Key Features
  • Transcoding in the cloud or on-premises
  • Media processing with transcode + workflow
  • High-quality conversions
  • Low cost of deployment

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