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A partnership to power media workflows with high-quality, accurate speech recognition

Company Profile

Speechmatics® powers applications that require mission-critical, accurate speech recognition through its any-context speech recognition engine. Speechmatics’ speech recognition technology is used by enterprises in scenarios such as contact centers, CRM, consumer electronics, security, media & entertainment and software. Speechmatics processes millions of hours of transcription worldwide every month in 30+ languages.

Having pioneered machine learning voice engineering, Speechmatics is enabling companies to build applications that detect and transcribe voice in any context and in real-time. Its neural networks consider acoustics, languages, dialects, multiple speakers, punctuation, capitalization, context and implicit meanings.

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Dalet + Speechmatics

Integration Highlights

Speechmatics’s functionality is fully integrated within Dalet Media Cortex. The solution provides on demand transcriptions in multiple languages, quickly and accurately, as well as advanced dictionary management, for Dalet Galaxy five and the Ooyala Flex Media Platform (or available through public APIs).

With Speechmatics’ quality transcript, Dalet Media Cortex can attach a transcript to audio and video media along with keywords and added-value metadata, ideal for finding newly-ingested and archived content. Dalet Media Cortex also generates smart captions - captions that are intelligently compiled using AI algorithms, BBC Subtitle guidelines (read more in this blog post).

Dalet Galaxy five and Ooyala Flex Media Platform users can also benefit from the transcript and caption editor. This tool is designed to tweak and fix captions and update and manage dictionaries, as well as efficiently create EDLs based on transcripts.

Dalet MEDIATalks at NAB 2019 - Speechmatics
Leverage speech recognition
Ricardo Herreros-Symons, Sales Director at Speechmatics, tell us more about speech recognition and turning voice data into text for analysis, discovery and accessibility, as well as getting the most out of live and archived media. Ricardo explains how simple it is to integrate with Dalet Media Cortex and how customer needs and expectations drive innovation and new features they work on.
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