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Spectra Logic Dalet Partner Hero

Spectra Logic

A partnership to maximize intelligent lifecycle management

Partner Profile

Spectra Logic helps organizations in media and entertainment modernize their storage infrastructures to improve the creation, management, distribution and monetization of their digital assets.  With its innovative storage and data management solutions, Spectra provides efficient, agile and modern solutions that are extensible to the current and future business needs of the media and entertainment industry. Learn more at:


Dalet + Spectra Logic integration highlights

The partnership between Dalet and Spectra Logic delivers a fully integrated solution that is tested and certified to fill customers’ needs. Maximizing the capabilities of both platforms – production, asset management, orchestration, storage tiering, intelligent lifecycle management and the automation of workflows - creates greater efficiencies and a positive user experience. The joint Dalet Galaxy five and Spectra Logic BlackPearl solution offers:


Key Benefits

  • Plug-and-play capabilities that simplify deployment and reduce the number of vendors, decreasing overall costs and streamlining support
  • Rich software that facilitates a simple, modern storage solution
  • Flexible architecture that seamlessly adapts to evolving business needs taking advantage of both on-premises and cloud storage
  • Multi-tenancy proficiency that enables many applications to simultaneously share or isolate content on a single storage platform




Want To Know More?
Want to know more about the Dalet and Spectra Logic technology partnership for intelligent lifecycle management? Send us a message!