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SoDA Dalet Partner Hero


A partnership to automate data movements to the cloud

Partner Profile

IMT SoDA data management software puts you in control of your entire storage environment providing valuable insight and greatly simplifying data movement and archival. SoDA provides a single interface or restful API to manage and automate data movement through a policy rich engine. Cloud retrieval costs can be expensive, but with SoDA you can predict the cost and time before you commit allowing you to stay within budget. SoDA automatically monitors and tracks every job and generates reports on demand for departmental chargebacks and client billing all at a fixed monthly rate. Learn more at:


Dalet + SoDA integration highlights

SoDA’s integration with the Ooyala Flex Media Platform, now part of Dalet, provides an automated approach for users to transfer media assets to cloud storage for metadata creation from Images and Videos. The integration between SoDA and the Ooyala Flex Media Platform is designed to address the data management needs of content throughout the project lifecycle. The API-based integration is seamless and automates data movement with integrity checks to assure your content is being is securely sent to the cloud for AI/ML workflows and data protection.


Key Benefits

  • Seamlessly automates data movements to the cloud
  • Real time insight into monthly cloud spend
  • Dry-run feature allowing for insight into retrieval costs before execution
  • Job tracking and progress for moving content
  • SoDA with Dalet makes assets Cloud ready for AI/ML workflows




Want To Know More?
Want to know more about the Dalet and SoDA technology partnership for media asset cloud storage? Send us a message!