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Disk Archive Corporation

Enterprise-class MAM driven integrated with ALTO archives for central storage

Company profile

Disk Archive Corporation specializes in developing high availability, high security archive solutions for demanding media and data files. With over 300 system installations worldwide, the ALTO product range is proven to provide the secure and reliable archive storage that meets the high performance and low carbon footprint that modern media- using organisations of all sizes demand, with the lowest lifetime cost of ownership of any archiving technology or service provision on the market.

Dalet + Disk Archive Corporation

ALTO archive storage is integrated with Dalet Galaxy five to provide a scalable and flexible MAM solution with an attached a scalable, high performance and very low lifetime cost of ownership deep archive. The ALTO unique architecture store media files contiguously on green SATA drives, which when not being accessed are spun down and turned off, providing a low power consumption and longer disk life solution.