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Company Profile:

Desk-Net is a newsroom system for content planning and related coordination tasks. It integrates with content management systems, such as Dalet Galaxy.

At the core of the Desk-Net system are its comprehensive features to plan the content flow across any number and type of platforms such as digital, broadcast, print, etc. With other features you organize topics and related content, manage staff, tasks and appointments. Newsrooms improve both the quality of the cross-platform content and the efficiency of their content planning processes with this system.

With a growing team of about 35 members, a growing customer base of over 200 mid-sized to large companies worldwide, and more than 20,000 active users, Desk-Net continues to help its users take advantage of the newsroom system and plan content with control and confidence.

To learn more about Desk-Net, go to:

Dalet + Desk-Net

Integration Highlights

The integration with Dalet Galaxy ensures a seamless flow of data from planned content to the Dalet system for further use. Assignments are created in Desk-Net, creating placeholders in Dalet Galaxy, where users can start to create story scripts and video content. Once story production is completed in Dalet Galaxy, a status update and metadata are sent back to Desk-Net.