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A Partnership to Go Fast

Company Profile

Aspera’s unwavering mission is to create the next-generation software technologies that move the world’s large data at maximum speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions. With the unstoppable explosion of Big Data in a world where IT and networking infrastructures are more diverse and flexible than ever, Aspera focuses on supplying innovative data transfer solutions that help organizations operate and collaborate more effectively on a global scale.

At the root of Aspera’s success lies our innovative, patented, highly efficient bulk data transport technology: FASP™ (fast, adaptive, secure protocol). This technology is unique and core to all Aspera high-performance file transfer software. Consistently ranked first in every WAN transfer throughput benchmark it was ever evaluated in, FASP outperforms software and hardware WAN acceleration solutions alike.

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Dalet + Aspera

Dalet has partnered with Aspera to enable faster ingest of large digital media files into the Dalet Galaxy platform, with line speed WAN transfer at any distance, using the Aspera FASP® transport technology. This joint solution enables organizations to maximize the use of Dalet’s comprehensive toolset for multi-site collaboration and remote working that requires sharing media files and metadata at high speed across the enterprise.


Joint Feature Highlights

  • Enables high-speed file transfers of large digital media in Dalet Galaxy with Aspera FASP
  • Provides a transparent Dalet Galaxy workflow experience with the deep integration of Aspera’s FASP transfer technology
  • Support transfers using Dalet Galaxy in a virtualized cloud environment to take full advantage of the many benefits of cloud infrastructure
Aspera Interview at NAB 2016
Dalet & Aspera
Manage and distribute vast amounts of content FAST with Aspera deep integrations with Dalet Galaxy and Dalet AmberFin.
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