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Dec 19, 2019
How leading media organizations grow with Dalet… A year in customer stories!
Take an inside look into the operations of some of the most successful media brands powered by Dalet. Check out our selection of customer stories from 2019!

Enabling the business of media

From crafting rich, multimedia stories to managing the complexity of multiplatform distribution and streamlining content supply chains, Dalet helps media organizations grow their business and scale their operations with an open, stable and agile platform.

Everybody loves a good story, right? Well, it’s particularly true at Dalet. We love stories and we love storytellers. News, sports, TV shows, films, documentaries, corporate and educational content… Our mission is to enable the business of media and our mandate is to do it as effectively as possible, whatever the market or content type. Our team is passionate about media workflows, storytelling and, above all, seeing customers succeed and audiences delighted!
So, what a better way to illustrate this than actually telling the stories of the work we do with our customers? Let me take you through some of our best 2019 customer stories and showcase world-class operations, amazing teams and unique content experiences. But more than that, let me tell you about these long-term, strategic partnerships and deep relationships built over time between the Dalet team and our clients’ teams…

Breaking the news for today’s multiplatform audiences

With changes in the media landscape accelerating, more than ever, news organizations need to be agile enough to meet evolving expectations. But what news organizations really need to focus on, is the dramatic shift in audience behavior and the fierce competition for screen time. They need the agility to experiment with different platforms, formats and tones of voice in order to reach fickle young audiences. Here are examples of Dalet customers breaking new grounds.

SBS, Australia

Building a cross-platform, multi-cultural media operation with Dalet

With significant shifts in audience expectations for more content on more platforms, SBS took the strategic decision to revamp its underlying media management and distribution architecture with Dalet. Faced with a range of legacy products no longer able to cope with increasing demands for multi-platform and multi-lingual content production and distribution, SBS centralized all its media operations under a single, open and collaborative platform: Dalet Galaxy.

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NextRadioTV, France

Driving Multi-Platform Expansion for Leading Media Brands with Dalet

Owned by multinational telecoms and mass media company Altice Group, NextRadioTV is one of the largest media properties in Europe with 14 TV and two radio channels, including BFMTV, reaching more than 10 million viewers each day. A Dalet customer since 2005, NextRadioTV powers its content production, playout and multi-platform distribution workflows with Dalet Galaxy for all of their leading TV, radio and digital channel brands. NextRadioTV also leveraged its Dalet Galaxy platform to launch the newest regional channel, BFMLyon.

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“More than 1,000 journalists and editors are able to work with the Dalet Galaxy system. They work collaboratively and share their content across all NextRadioTV brands. This gives us tremendous flexibility with regards to feeding channels and distribution outlets, including our new BFM Lyon channel.”

Antoine Robelin, Broadcast CTO, NextRadioTV


Mediaset, Italy

How Mediaset Uses Dalet for News and Info-tainment. A story about growth and efficiency!

Mediaset is Italy's largest commercial broadcaster. Back in 2010, they embarked on a radical business transformation with Dalet to produce more content, faster, to more devices with a future-proofed and scalable agile system in response to new business opportunities. Connecting teams, breaking production silos and creating a centralized internal news agency with content customization at the heart, Mediaset fully leverages Dalet Galaxy.


Providing sports fans unique content experiences

Sports have always been a ‘now’ focused-type of entertainment and the digital era has brought in a whole new world when it comes to fan engagement. Providing a unique media experience and deepening fan engagement before, during and after the games is the number one goal for teams, leagues and federations.


MLSE, Canada

Expanding the Fan Experience in Arena and Around the World with Dalet

A world-class sports and entertainment organization, MLSE is the owner of iconic teams including the Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL), Toronto Raptors (NBA), and Toronto FC (MLS). MLSE relies on Dalet Galaxy to centralize, manage, produce and deliver all of its content, providing a unique media experience and deepening fan engagement before, during and after games.

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“Dalet allows us to focus on telling the timely stories that matter to fans right now - whether it’s creating snackable content from interviews, a look into the lives of players, or deconstructing a spectacular play moments after it happens. It also gives us the ability to reuse that content for a related story in the future; connecting the history of the organization to that ‘now’ moment, which deepens the passion our fans have for their favorite team.”

Shannon Hosford, Chief Marketing Officer at MLSE


Building agile content supply chains and augmenting workflows, USA introduces Media.Next

A Dalet “Business Innovation” Award winner in 2019,, the technology division of TransPerfect, leverages fully the Dalet Galaxy five Media Asset Management (MAM) and Workflow Orchestration platform. Building on the principle of open production and component-based workflows, the new platform, dubbed “Media.Next,” prepares for the industry-wide explosion of media translation and localization needs.

“The Dalet Galaxy five platform played a key role in the successful launch of our Media.Next solution. The demand for localization of video content is growing rapidly, and we’re confident that our partnership with Dalet will help us scale up to meet demand.”

Phil Shawe, President and CEO at TransPerfect


2019 was quite a ride! We hope these customer stories have given you a great deal of inspiration and ambitious ideas for 2020 and beyond. And, who knows, perhaps next year it will be your turn to be featured in the Dalet blog… Bring on 2020!

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