Broadcast Asia 2009 Show Previews

Dalet will present the new DaletPlus 3.0 media asset management platform version with advanced production features and more

Dalet today announced that they will showcase their new version 3.0 media asset management solutions at the Broadcast Asia 2009 exhibition held in Singapore from June 16 – 19, 2009 (stand 8 G3 – 05). Dalet solutions are powered by DaletPlus, an enterprise media asset management platform designed to manage and facilitate complex HD production, archiving and repurposing workflows for news, sports and programs. Integrated powerful production tools to ingest, produce, play-out and archive are packaged into four offerings – Dalet Enterprise Edition, Dalet News Suite, Dalet Media Library and Dalet Radio Suite HD – providing flexible, end-to-end editorial workflows and metadata management.

In addition to exhibiting, Raoul Cospen, Dalet Director of Marketing, will be presenting a paper on “Facilitating Broadcast, Digital / Web TV, VOD, and Mobile TV with Media Asset Management Technology” at the Broadcast Asia 2009 conference on June 18 – Production Workflow track.

“Media asset management based systems are paving the way for broadcasters and content producers to operate much more cost effectively. In the current economical context, investing in technology based on true performance gains and proven cost reductions is even more important,” comments Arnaud Elnecave, Managing Director, Dalet Asia-Pacific. “Beyond media asset management, the DaletPlus infrastructure is designed to streamline entire workflows, automating redundant and manual tasks while simultaneously providing users with powerful desktop production tools in custom contextual workspaces that guarantee more efficiency and drastically improve collaboration. Metadata is consistently tracked, while back office operations are fully transparent to the user, making the use of media files ubiquitous across the entire workflow.”

The new DaletPlus 3.0 media asset management platform adds advanced production features such as integrated CG production in the Dalet timeline; a new Dalet Dashboard module for system-wide monitoring and analysis; native integration with SeaChange video servers; and new ingest technology based on cost effective IT servers.

DaletPlus Version 3.0 Feature Highlights

  • HD Support
  • End-to-end workflow, transparent support for SD and HD formats, including file management and mixed aspect ratios 4:3 and 16:9
  • Low latency MXF ensures tremendous HD edit while record performance
  • Production Features
  • CG production directly in the Dalet Media Cutter timeline; positioning with ‘ins’ and ‘outs’; Desktop previews of video and graphics available from any workstation
  • Automated playout of graphics as secondary events

IT-based Ingest Technology

Version 3.0 includes new, video ingest solution based on low cost IT-based servers. It records continuously various SD and HD formats providing a very cost effective, distributed and robust ingest solution.

Native integration with SeaChange video servers and Data Direct Networks storage

  • Dalet extends its 3rd party technology support to include SeaChange video servers and Data Direct Networks shared storage for ingest, production and playout. Native integration improves interoperability and functionality by eliminating repetitive copying, transferring and other cumbersome back-office processes.
  • A demonstration of the Dalet / SeaChange integration will be on the Dalet stand as well as the SeaChange stand (Hall 7 D2-01)

System-wide Monitoring and Analysis with Dalet Dashboard

Dalet Dashboard offers real-time monitoring of the Dalet system components, infrastructure and performance (video servers, network switches, production storage), adding a key layer of management and system-wide control. Extensive system performance reports ensure maximum efficiency.


About Dalet Solutions

With over 15,000 workstations in use today, all Dalet solutions run on the purpose-built Dalet media asset management platform, DaletPlus. Integrated ingest, production, play-out and archive capabilities combined with the DaletPlus best of breed technologies to automate file migration and conversion; and a unique enterprise editorial workflow engine that enables broadcasters and content producers to optimize media sharing and to streamline their production workflows.

The Dalet Professional Services team, with extensive experience in workflow optimization and technical expertise in both IT and broadcast systems, offers a full range of value-added services for broadcasters and content producers.

Dalet Enterprise Edition manages assets and workflows in the largest and most complex media organizations with large numbers of users across departments using different and concurrent workflows. The built-in SOA compliant Web Services API provides a high level of interoperability and straight-forward integration with third-party broadcast and corporate systems and applications.

Dalet Solutions for News and Sports Production

Designed for news and sports, Dalet News Suite is a robust and easy to deploy SD-HD production and play-out solution with a highly integrated media asset management platform. Dalet News Suite provides distributed, multi-channel feed ingest and a full featured NRCS with scripting and rundown management, video editing tools, play-out control and integrated archive.

Dalet MAM Solutions for Video Production

Dalet Media Library is a comprehensive solution for managing video assets in fast-paced production environments where large volumes of video are handled across various non-linear editing and archiving systems. It is also an excellent metadata management solution for digitizing large libraries of taped assets. Dalet Media Library manages storage and retrieval workflows that require integrations with tape storage devices and traffic systems. Its unique file workflow engine easily automates transfers and conversions and facilitates delivery processes.

Dalet Radio Suite HD

Dalet Radio Suite HD offers a new, comprehensive, radio production, newsroom and play-out system with high-resolution audio recording and production tools needed to facilitate broadcast operations. The new One Cut high resolution audio editor allows real-time modification and is compatible with a range of VST plug-ins. The flexible Dalet OnAir component can be configured to the needs of an individual broadcast studio or studio operator. Multi-site management includes federated searches and intersite exchanges. Program associated data (PAD) for DAB, DRM or HD Radio digital radio platforms is generated on the fly. Dalet Dashboard provides system-wide monitoring information.


About Dalet

Dalet is a worldwide leader in software that empowers broadcasters and content professionals to produce and manage audio and video content in a digital, multi-platform world. Dalet media asset management (MAM) solutions streamline production costs and increase revenue opportunities by simplifying the distribution of rich-media assets across both interactive and traditional platforms.

Dalet tools are used around the world by thousands of content producers including major television and radio public broadcasters (BBC, CBC, DR, NPR, RFI, RTM, VOA, WDR), commercial networks (ART, eTV, Grupo Prisa, Prime Television, The Press Association, Warner Bros., XM Satellite) and government organizations (Queensland JAG, Canadian House of Commons, The European Commission). Dalet is traded on the NYSE-EURONEXT stock exchange (Eurolist C): ISIN: FR0000076176, Bloomberg DLT:FP, Reuters: DALE.PA.

For more information on Dalet, visit www.dalet.com.


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