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Dalet Xtend
Dalet Xtend
Dalet Xtend - Basic Production Workflow and Advanced Features
The Dalet Xtend module provides seamless workflow collaboration between the Dalet Galaxy Media Asset Management (MAM) & Orchestration platform and Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
All Dalet users and NLEs editors have access to the same content (EDLs, shot lists, audio bytes, raw videos)
Breaking down silos: brings NLEs editors directly into the production workflow for better team collaboration and increased efficiency & Increase collaboration: NLEs editors and Dalet users are truly collaborating on the same content for faster turnaround
Metadata are exchanged in both directions
Eliminate the need to re-enter metadata. Keep track of broadcast rights, restrictions and automatic metadata inheritance & Metadata continuity, no loss of metadata
Edit while record
Edit in place directly on the production storage (no need to copy media files) & Proxy editing or high resolution editing


  • Genealogy, Parent/child asset relationship
  • Save against a placeholder
  • Workflow integration with NLEs editors being able to trigger workflows
  • Format agnostic
  • Runs with open IT storage 
  • Provides a cohesive workflow that eliminates repetitive tasks and allows editors to concentrate on the creative aspects of their work
  • More efficiency: Editing while record allows for fast turnaround production
  • More productivity: editors can focus on their editing tasks while Dalet users can select the right shots for the editing
  • Optimizing the infrastructure: benefit from the distinct advantages of edit in place / leverage IT production storage in one system
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