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Workflow Orchestration

Dalet Workflow Engine

Specially tailored for media workflows, Dalet Workflow Engine empowers media organizations to maximize productivity, increase agility, and provide visibility.

Key Highlights
Streamline your Workflow
Orchestrate and automate IT processes & human tasks, including sequencing, types, parallel or exclusive paths, timeout & escalation management.
Increase Agility and Flexibility
Model all media workflows in details using simple drag & drops. Leverage the user-friendly visual workflow modeling based on BPMN 2.0 standard.
Bring Visibility into your Operations
Enhance visibility into your operations by exposing operational processes and workflows, delivering real-time data for business reporting.
Streamline your workflow

Specially tailored for media workflows, Dalet Workflow Engine is a key foundation of Dalet commitments: help broadcasters and media professionals to increase productivity, provide operational and business visibility and offer agility and openness through Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

As part of the Dalet Galaxy five platform or as a separate module, Dalet Workflow Engine automates both back-office and user tasks. On the back-office side, it manages metadata services by enabling many tasks and third-party processes such as QC, conversion, media exchanges and transfers to be fully automated. On the user side, it streamlines user workflows by providing powerful production tasks lists management and by intelligently opening the relevant tool for a specific task, right on the user desktop.


Add agility and flexibility to your business

By using simple drag & drops, administrators model all their workflows in details, including user and service tasks sequencing, task types, parallel or exclusive paths, timeout and escalation management. This visual modeling based on BPMN 2.0 standardized notation helps define roles, responsibilities, and processes. Precise graphical representation helps identify and correct gaps, redundancies, and inefficiencies. It greatly improves agility and flexibility as existing workflows can quickly and easily be modified to meet new business requirements.


Bring visibility into your day-to-day operations

Dalet Workflow Engine provides visibility by delivering real-time data for business reporting. Accessible in customized reports or available as raw data for complex analysis and for building Key Performance Indicators (KPI), those actual metrics coming from the system provide a clear vision to identify bottlenecks, both at a technical and user levels and to continuously improve productivity in fast-changing business environments.

Key Features
Video Presentation
Dalet Workflow Engine & AmberFin Transcoding Platform
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