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Better Together! Dalet Acquires Ooyala Flex Media Platform business.

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Dalet On-the-Go
Dalet On-the-Go
A mobile app designed for journalists in the field


Dalet On-the-Go is a mobile application designed for journalists in the field to stay fully connected to their newsroom running Dalet News Suite.

This new app extends the remote capabilities of Dalet users. Journalists can use the app with their mobile devices to collaborate with the newsroom and perform a number of tasks - from browsing wires and stories or checking assignments to editing and contributing stories and images back to their Dalet newsroom. Dalet On-the-Go makes it all happen with just a few taps on the device screen.

Find Dalet On-the-Go here on the app store. Dalet On-the-Go is also available for Android devices.

Key Features

Dalet On-the-Go currently supports iOS (iPhone® 3GS and above, iPad® 2 and above and requires iOS 6 or above) and Android mobile devices. 

Dalet On-the-Go is available for customers using the latest Dalet 3.5 versions or above.

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