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Versioning & IMF

Streamline versioning and IMF workflows with visually-intuitive graphical tools and powerful automation

Full IMF Data Model
Native support for IMF assets, such as the Composition Playlist (CPL) and the Output Profile List (OPL), comes as default alongside other multimedia objects
End-to-End Toolset
Comprehensive set of purpose-built tools to manage end-to-end, component-based IMF workflows from acquisition to production, versioning, packaging, and distribution
Workflow Orchestration & Automation
Automate the creation of versions, rendering of compositions, and generation of IMPs by leveraging Dalet Workflow Engine
Extensive Third-Party Integration

Dalet works with the IMF eco-system of vendors to ensure robust end-to-end IMF workflows
Team Collaboration
Collaborative tools include intuitive review and approval features, rich chat capabilities, as well as shared media bins
Plug-and-Play IMF Workflows for Simplified Distribution

The Interoperable Mastering Format (IMF) is designed to simplify and standardize the world of multi-platform, multi-lingual, multi-resolution delivery. Devised by the industry and ratified by SMPTE, IMF is a standardized mastering format for facilities required to distribute many profiles and versions with reliable interoperability. 

Dalet offers IMF workflows to manage end-to-end, component-based IMF operations from acquisition to production, versioning, packaging, and distribution. All workflow steps are covered, including receiving IMF packages, referencing IMF assets in a central repository, leveraging IMF metadata, both technical and editorial, to search on all assets and data; generating proxies for preview of track files and CPLs in Dalet WebSpace; visualizing assets relationships (track files and CPLs, CPLs and OPLs), automating the creation of new versions, connecting CPLs using EIDR (Entertainment Identifier Registry) and ISAN (International Standard Audiovisual Number) ids.


Component-Based Approach

The Dalet Galaxy five component-based approach to IMF provides an exceptional user experience for maximum efficiency – simplifying IMF production and delivery workflows with visually intuitive graphical tools and automation.


Full Visibility of Structures & Components

Users can easily import and preview IMF packages natively into Dalet WebSpace, visualize IMF structures and components with Dalet Context Maps, build versions and supplemental packages with Dalet Track Stack and Dalet Version Editor, and eventually wrap compositions for distribution using a connector to an IMF-compliant transcode farm, such as Dalet AmberFin.

Video Presentation
Dalet Plug-and-Play IMF Workflows
Discover how Dalet Galaxy five component-based approach to IMF provides an exceptional user experience for maximum efficiency.
Key Features
IMF White Paper
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