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Dalet Cube

Dalet Cube

Design, manage and playout high-quality graphics

Platform Highlights
High-Quality Graphics
Comprehensive suite of tools to design, manage and playout high-quality, broadcast 3D graphics
Fully Integrated into the Production Workflow
Fully integrated into the workflow, created templates are immediately available for filling and playout
Unique Synergies with Dalet Galaxy
Native connection to Dalet Galaxy, a core component of Dalet News Solutions

Dalet Cube is a comprehensive suite of tools to design, manage and playout high-quality, broadcast 3D graphics. Natively connected to the Dalet Galaxy Media Asset Management (MAM) & Orchestration platform, it is a modular, fully integrated and cost-effective solution for news, studio and playout workflows.

With Dalet Cube, it is fast and easy to design and playout graphics, crawlers, tickers, lower thirds, logos, full frame graphics and complex 3D animations. It also supports live data sources such as Twitter.

Dalet Cube

This powerful package allows graphics artists using the Dalet Cube Designer to construct multilayered, pixel- accurate 3D animations that project the style and individual look of different programs and channels. As the graphics chain is fully integrated into the Dalet workflow, rather than a separate island of production, created templates are immediately available for filling and playout

Key Features

Dalet Cube Designer

Dalet Cube Designer is a 3D graphics authoring software, used by graphic designers and artists to create graphics templates needed by media organizations, especially news channels. With an intuitive user interface, including modular panels such as the timeline, objects editor and real-time preview, designing graphics in Dalet Cube is fast, easy and quick to learn.

Thanks to advanced keyframe management, users can create complex animations, which are triggered by a segment-based structure when aired. Additional configuration enables the usage of conditions and macro commands to create advanced playout logic.


Dalet Cube with the Dalet Workflow Engine

When managing multi-lingual, multi-channel and multi-platform distribution, the Dalet Workflow Engine enables an efficient process for users to enter CG information once, and this gets distributed to a wide variety of Dalet Cube placeholders created automatically.


Dalet Cube Ticker

A key module for building advanced tickers, Dalet Cube Ticker is embedded in the Dalet Cube Play Controller and supports the same graphic elements configured for other Dalet clients. Graphic elements can be executed with different speeds and together with other graphics. Dalet Cube Ticker includes various tools that enable parsing of live data such as XML, spreadsheets, SQL or text files.


Dalet Cube Studio

Dalet Cube Studio is an alternative video and graphics playout application for live broadcast events such as weather and traffic reports, elections and talk shows. Dalet Cube Studio is a solution that can be easily configured to air complex scenes with just one click, without any requirement of integration with Dalet Galaxy.


Dalet Cube Play Web

Dalet Cube Play Web is a web application used to prepare data entry templates that will be used by journalists and editors in Dalet Galaxy, and by graphic playout operators using Dalet Cube Play Web.


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