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Dalet CubeNG

Increase viewer engagement with impactful graphics


Platform Highlights
High-Quality Graphics
Advanced real-time and multi-layer 2D/3D graphics engine with support for Live & Video, Unicode fonts and outstanding transition logic
Simple-to-Use Tools
Comprehensive suite of tools to design, manage and playout high-quality, broadcast 3D graphics
Fast-Paced Workflows
Natively connected with Dalet Galaxy five, live changes can be made on playback, with advanced support for updating behavior and conditions

Dalet CubeNG is a comprehensive suite of tools to design, manage and playout high-quality, advanced broadcast 3D graphics.

Fully integrated across the Dalet Unified News Operations solution powered by Dalet Galaxy five, the state-of-the-art, full-featured Dalet CubeNG graphics platform embeds the high-performance Brainstorm real-time 3D graphics engine to deliver superior branding and visuals with support for 4K and user-defined options, added primitives for building 2D and 3D graphics, support for Unicode fonts and languages, and outstanding transition logic.

Suited for both on-air and file-based graphics creation, the Dalet CubeNG unified approach enables news broadcasters to easily create dynamic branding and up-level visual storytelling across traditional, digital and social channels. With Dalet CubeNG, it is fast and easy to design and playout graphics, crawlers, tickers, lower thirds, logos, full frame graphics and complex 3D animations. It also supports live data sources such as Twitter



Key Features

Dalet CubeNG Designer

Broadcast design is a demanding task and the pressure is constant to quickly deliver or modify high-quality graphics that enhance a channel’s branding and program content. The knowledge gained from working closely with its wide user base has enabled Dalet to build a GUI that enhances the user experience and facilitates the design process. This allows operators to use their creative talents to maximum effect and rapidly produce dynamic branding and up-level visual storytelling across traditional, digital and social channels.

Dalet CubeNG  Designer is a 3D graphics authoring software, used by graphic designers and artists to create graphics needed by media organizations, especially news channels. Dalet CubeNG Designer provides both the page-based workflow familiar to many designers, as well as the possibility of working with templates. Formatting can be implemented on the template and the changes to the text can still be done on each page. Modifications made to a template will be shown on every page of the project.

Dalet CubeNG with the Dalet Workflow Engine

When managing multi-lingual, multi-channel and multi-platform distribution, the Dalet Workflow Engine enables an efficient process for users to enter CG information once, and this gets distributed to a wide variety of Dalet CubeNG placeholders created automatically.

Dalet CubeNG Ticker

A key module for building advanced tickers, Dalet CubeNG Ticker is embedded in the Dalet Cube Play Controller and supports the same graphic elements configured for other Dalet clients. Graphic elements can be executed with different speeds and together with other graphics. Dalet CubeNG Ticker includes various tools that enable parsing of live data such as XML, spreadsheets, SQL or text files.

Dalet CubeNG Play Web

Dalet CubeNG Play Web is a web application used to prepare data entry templates that will be used by journalists and editors in Dalet Galaxy five, and by graphic playout operators using Dalet CubeNG Play Web.


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