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Dalet Post-Production Services

Post-Production & Media Services

Connect creative teams in collaborative workflows

Transform Your Operations
Produce richer content
Orchestrate complex workflows
Maximize collaboration
Produce richer content
Make the most of the centralized content library with video, audio and other documents available at your fingertips. Enjoy native IMF support.
Orchestrate complex workflows
Streamline your operations with the powerful BPM engine that automates workflows and orchestrates jobs, system and user tasks.
Maximize collaboration
Exchange information and files seamlessly between teams, sites, and external contributors. Share assets via the Dalet chat and between tools.
Solution Highlights
Media Asset Management
Shared, central repository with advanced media and metadata services. Native IMF support
360° Collaboration
Rich integration with leading NLEs. Embedded chat to collaborate seamlessly and share assets
Dedicated User Tools
Ubiquitous access to content with dedicated prep-editing tools. Advanced approval and review workflows
Native IMF Support
Enterprise content library with native, end-to-end IMF support
Workflow Orchestration
Workflow automation with system and user task management
Open Platform With Web API
Advanced integrations with production and broadcast environments. Bi-directional exchanges with metadata continuity
Connect creative teams in distributed workflow environments

Post-production and media services facilities are facing unprecedented challenges, as projects are getting more and more complex with budget constraints. Managing, accessing, producing, delivering and archiving massive amounts of media has become a key driver of success. To boost creativity and increase productivity, creative teams need to be connected in distributed workflow environments.

Dalet post-production & media services solutions maximize collaboration and streamline workflows, helping teams to produce and deliver richer content with increased efficiency. Highly scalable, Dalet solutions offer easy-to-use prep-editing tools as well as review and approval workflows to give you the power and flexibility you need to enhance the production value of your projects and meet tight production schedules.

Key Features
Orchestrating VDM's Post-Production & Media Services
As the amount of content to handle and the complexity of VDM processes surge, the audio-visual laboratory has looked to Dalet to manage its ever-expanding workflows. With the Dalet Galaxy Media Asset Management (MAM) & Orchestration platform at the heart of the VDM digital lab, the content chain is unified by managing assets, metadata, workflows, and processes across multiple and diverse production and distribution systems, increasing productivity and providing operational and business visibility.
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