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Record, log, manage and distribute multimedia content in secured and scalable media workflows

Transform Your Operations
Streamline content operations
Manage your content lifecyle
Maintain the highest level of security
Streamline content operations
Acquiring, accessing, analyzing, managing, tagging, producing, distributing and archiving massive amounts of media and metadata has become a key driver of success.
Manage your content lifecyle
Highly scalable solutions to orchestrate complex content workflows and adapt faster to changing needs and audience habits, whether they are inbound or outbound.
Maintain the highest level of security
With the media world becoming more dependent on IT, data security and media protection are an important part of today’s conversations for management and facility owners.
Solution Highlights
Content Acquisition, Logging & Production
Library Management & Archiving
Distribution & Content Access
Scalable media workflow solutions for government agencies, non-government organizations and public institutions.

Media teams need to continuously improve and efficiently manage all the phases of the content lifecycle - from acquisition and production through to enrichment, editing, and curation all the way to packaging and distribution - all within constraints of time and budget. Technical operations need to service these media teams with platforms that efficiently merge various media and metadata layers, expertly manage access rights and privileges, and provide seamless third-party integrations thanks to an open IT architecture.

Dalet provides the platform to give your media teams all the power they need at their fingertips, and the professional services to return the best value from the investment and assist with your technical and organizational transformation.

Central Ingest, Scheduling & Recording
Advanced ingest capabilities to manage simultaneous camera feeds. Scheduling tool for automated ingest
Powerful Logging & Transcription
Powerful and fully configurable logging with transcription capabilities. Ability to generate live captions
Automated Distribution & Playout
Flexible metadata schemes facilitate the assembly of tailored media packages with automated transcoding & delivery workflows
10 Things Government Organizations Should Know to Streamline their Media Operations

Does your organization have a difficult time managing and searching for its content? Are you keeping multiple copies of media files on storage devices that aren’t shared or fully searchable? Did you miss GV Expo 2018 in Washington D.C. back in November?

If you’ve responded yes to at least one of these questions, you should definitely read this article!

Additional benefits of the solution
Customer Story
Covering News at NATO HQ and Abroad
NATO Headquarters, Brussels, works closely with ENGIE Fabricom and Dalet Digital Media Systems to better serve target audiences and preserve NATO's audio-visual legacy. The project includes the design, deployment, and support of a Media Asset Management platform to address the following requirements: cover news; create, collect and transmit assets; manage, distribute and archive content. Credit: All rights belong to the NATO Public Diplomacy Division
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Dalet Solution Brief - Government & Agencies
Dalet Solution Brief - Houses of Worship
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