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Maximize your content's value

Expose your inventory to your clients, partners and affiliates

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Key benefits
  • Create your secure content marketplace
  • Expose selected inventory to your community
  • Maximize the value of your assets

Optimal content shopping experience

Seamlessly connect and expose securely your content inventory to your community, empowering discoverability of untapped content, ripe for monetization and licensing

What is Dalet StoreFront?

Dalet StoreFront is a window into your rich inventory, enabling external users such as B2B clients, partners and affiliates to access and request content with a familiar shopping experience. It is an easy way to maximize the value and reach of your content.

A simple and safe shopping environment

Dalet StoreFront offers an intuitive and modern shopping journey experience, accessible from anywhere on any device with an easy on-boarding signup for new partners or visitors through self-registration and approval processes.

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Promote your brand

Dalet StoreFront offers a branded and flexible portal that maintains and promotes your brand’s identity, secures your content with branded watermarked preview, making it ripe for discoverability and monetization.


Feature set

Dalet StoreFront is a portal designed to maximize the value of content owners', producers' and rights holders' inventory by providing a controlled shopping experience to its community of existing and potential licensees and partners.

  • Familiar shopping experience
  • Secured content
  • Global exposure
  • Branding Consistency
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Selected use cases

Dalet StoreFront allows media professionals to be more productive: focus on creative work, not on content logistics.

Media Manager

Angela handles all media management and fulfillment requests at a national broadcaster. Thanks to Dalet StoreFront, she can focus on optimizing supply chain workflows and monitoring the platform's processes without having to respond daily to content requests from productions and archives. Since she started using the service, self-served requests (from Dalet StoreFront partners and clients) have increased by 50% and automated fulfillment successful deliveries by 90%.

Marketing Manager

Nick is in charge of marketing at a leading media organization. He selected Dalet StoreFront to accelerate the presentation of marketing materials to his global community of partners, affiliates, and clients through simple curation and publishing to Dalet StoreFront. Once published, his clients and partners get notified automatically of newly released and approved materials for a fast self-served request process.

Rights and Licencing Director

Eric is in charge of licensing content at a global entertainment brand. Thanks to Dalet StoreFront, he can quickly identify and tag content rights to his community of licensees as well as establish rights to visitors and potential licensees to make the Dalet StoreFront's shopping experience actionable without the need to have back and forth email exchanges. Since he started using the service, his tasks have been more engaging versus reactive to licensing demands and requests.

"We are excited to introduce our newest SaaS offering, providing greater exposure and monetization potential to our Dalet customers' rich inventory."

Matthieu Fasani
Director Product Management

Introducing Dalet StoreFront

Maximize the value of your content inventory by providing a controlled shopping experience to your community of existing and potential licensees and partners.

Mazimize your Brands' Content Value
  • Familiar shopping experience
  • Secured content
  • Global exposure
  • Branding consistency

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