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Orchestration des Opérations et des Chaînes de Production

Integrate content pools and automate workflows across verticals

Transform Your Operations
Connect silos
Increase efficiency and agility
Build business intelligence
Connect silos
Leverage the wide range of out-of-the-box connectors, from industry standards like FIMS to pre-built custom partner technology integrations, to connect systems and services. Eliminate silos!
Increase efficiency and agility
To stay ahead of the pack there is no choice but embracing change and getting the entire organization to become as agile as the requirements put on the business. The key to achieve this lies in the way the assets are managed and the workflows are distributed across the operation.
Build business intelligence
The solution brings Business Intelligence (BI) to the organization, allowing users at various levels to monitor and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) about their operations in order to make more informed immediate decisions and over time build proper data-driven strategies.
Solution Highlights
Powerful Workflow Designer & Orchestration Layer
Web-based graphical interface to design and model business processes, including user & service tasks
Advanced User Tasks and Work Order Management
Shared task list available for assignments and task lifecycle management with customizable board and list views
Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI)
Measure the efficiency of your operations and enable continuous improvement

Orchestrating Advanced Media Operations

Dalet Media Supply Chain Orchestration automates configurable processes combining system services and customized user tasks, leveraging rich assets to enable complex tasks such as EDL, Playlist and Package creation.


Reducing the Complexity of Multiplatform Distribution

Distributing effectively to a wide variety of outlets is one of the key challenges for broadcasters and media organizations today. From social media to websites and linear broadcast, the need for an agile, orchestrated solution is greater than ever to reduce complexity and the number of steps required to publish rich, multimedia content.

Key Features
Professional Services
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