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Introducing Dalet Galaxyfive

Intelligent. Agile. Social.

What's New
AI Framework
Build smart workflows with contextual recommendations, smart content matching, and better provisioning
Hybrid Operations
Leverage cloud to deploy hybrid workflows that minimize content handling costs and allow new operation models
Social Media at the Core
Harvest, analyze, produce and deliver rich content on social media platforms alongside traditional outlets
Next-Gen Media Workflow Platform

Next-Generation Media Asset Management & Workflow Orchestration


Dalet Galaxy is a Media Asset Management (MAM) and Orchestration platform unifies the content chain by managing assets, metadata, workflows and processes across multiple and diverse production and distribution systems. A central, unified multimedia content catalog manages rich media assets across the organization enabling seamless collaboration. Workflow specific, task-oriented tools have native access to this central catalogue, facilitating every aspect of content creation, management and distribution: tools to create, manage and distribute media. Specially tailored for media workflows, this unique technology platform helps broadcasters and media professionals increase their productivity while providing operational and business visibility.


Key Features
Workflow Solutions
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